10 Special Tips On How To Care For a Ragdoll Cat

Let’s learn some tips on how to care for a Ragdoll cat and provide it with a better growing environment full of love and care.

Ragdolls cats are sweet with semi-long silky fur that makes them stand out among other breeds. To make it more appealing, they are well-known pets around the globe. They are known to be intelligent, calm, friendly, and gentle.

Ragdolls have gorgeous blue eyes and colorful coats. However, like any pet, Ragdoll needs attention and proper care; otherwise, the cat might not live up to its full potential.

So Here Are Some Tips On How To Care For A Ragdoll Cat


Make sure you feed your Ragdoll at least two times per day. Take to your veterinarian to come up with a good diet plan for your cat and follow the feeding instructions on their food to ensure they are getting the proper amount. Feed it with high-quality food, and don’t give it too much because obesity is common with this breed.

Ideally, alternate between wet and dry, but make sure it eats the whole meal of wet food before giving the next one, so cats don’t get sick of it.  This is one of the most important tips on how to care for a Ragdoll cat.

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It’s imperative to groom your cat on a regular basis, primarily because of the long coat that Ragdolls adorn. Groom it with a high-quality brush or comb, and make sure you get rid of all dead hairs, tangles, and mats. Cats look best when their fur shines!

Aim to bathe your Ragdoll around once per month using gentle shampoo specially formulated for cats. Use warm water for this procedure because cold water might make the cat shiver, and that’s not good!

And don’t forget about their ears! Clean them only when you notice a moderate amount of debris or discharge. Use a cotton ball and ear cleaner that is specially formulated for cats, being sure to carefully follow the instructions for using the ear cleaner.

Giving attention

Spend a lot of time playing with your kitty because they enjoy being around you! Ragdolls are very affectionate and love attention. They need a lot of care to become friendly, loving, and well-behaved family pets.

Don’t forget about their healthy instincts, so let them outside only when the cat is allowed to go out! The best way to spend quality time with your Ragdoll is by doing it indoors or taking short walks around the area.

Training and exercises

This breed can potentially be trained using treats as motivation. Make sure your kitty knows its name from a young age by repeating it often, offer your cat toys for playtime, and don’t forget about belly rubs!

You can also try using a clicker to make training more fun and engaging. Keep the training sessions short but quite frequent; this way, your Ragdoll will quickly pick up new tricks and habits.

Vet checks

Your cat should be checked by a veterinarian once per year if possible. A proper checkup will help ensure that your cat is in good health and address any problems it may have. Your vet may even run blood tests that can help prevent any future diseases or illnesses that might attack your cat’s body!

And of course, if something is wrong, the treatment would cost less than treating a deadly illness later on when it becomes severe and costs much more than regular checkups, so don’t neglect them!

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Provide toys

Ragdolls are very playful. Provide your feline with plenty of toys to play around with, but make sure you keep an eye on it because Ragdoll might cause damage to items, humans, or pets while playing! It’s also a good opportunity for your cat to exercise and stay active without going out.

Health care provision

Ragdolls need regular checkups to ensure that they’re well like every living being. If you notice anything unusual about your pet, such as discoloration in the eye or a change in behavior, don’t hesitate to contact a vet immediately!

Also, provide them with all medical supplies such as bandages, creams, and shampoos so you can easily give them first aid and treat minor issues your pet might have!

Keep your Ragdoll indoors

Ragdolls are very affectionate and love being around humans, so it is not ideal to keep them outdoors. They need attention, love, care, and a warm environment just like dogs!

Keeping them outside will also expose your pet to chilly air, which can cause discomfort and health problems.  Ragdolls will also feel lonely without their owners! Cats are social animals, so make sure you give them enough company by taking short walks or playing with them indoors.

Keeping your Ragdoll safe around other pets

Since this breed is very friendly and gets along well with other pets, make sure you bring yours safely inside the house. Ragdolls can be a bit slow in reacting to other pets or people, so don’t leave them outside without supervision because another pet might attack your cat and injure it.

Summary Of How To Care For A Ragdoll Cat

taking care of a ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are very affectionate and loving. They need a lot of care to stay healthy, energetic, and friendly family members! Spend quality time with your Ragdoll indoors or outdoors if allowed by your area laws, be generous when it comes to petting them, give them toys for playtime but don’t forget about their physical, and mental health either!

Keep them safe from any harm, injuries, or diseases that they might get exposed to outside or in the house. Take proper care of your kitty just like you would take care of any other living being because you have unconditional love for each other so show it with actions rather than words! Your feline will appreciate you more by licking your face instead.

Now that you know how to care for a Ragdoll cat, follow all these tips carefully. You’ll have nothing but love and affection coming from your cat’s side! Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ragdoll cats easy to take care of?

This breed is very affectionate and needs plenty of attention to become friendly and well-behaved. They love being with people and require daily company to stay healthy and in shape! You can spend quality time with your kitty indoors or outdoors, but make sure you protect them from other pets or kids for their safety.

Are Ragdolls high maintenance?

Ragdoll cats are very playful and need regular training. They also can be sensitive to cold temperatures, so you must keep them warm enough in winter. This breed is prone to health problems such as urinary tract infections, obestity and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so keep an eye on your pet's condition.

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