How to Clean a Cat With Wipes

How to clean a cat with wipes - Step-by-Step Guide!

Cats are known for their fastidious grooming habits, spending a significant portion of their day cleaning themselves. However, there are situations when your feline friend might need a little extra help. Whether your cat got into a mess, has allergies, or simply dislikes traditional baths, using cat wipes can be a gentle and effective solution.  … Read more

5 Ways On How To Reduce Ragdoll Shedding

5 Best Ways How to Reduce Ragdoll Shedding - Ragdoll Care

We will look at how to reduce Ragdoll shedding for your cat to keep it from losing too much hair unnecessarily. Ragdoll cats have plenty of hair, and they can shed a lot of it too. These cats are known for their striking, semi-longhaired coats that cover the outside of their bodies. Their fur is … Read more

Choosing The Right Cat Breed For You

So you have decided you want a cat for your family, but you need help deciding which cat breed to get. We don’t blame you; there are so many breeds, and each has quirks and personality. Let us help you make this decision.  Choosing the right cat breed for you may be easier than it … Read more

Ragdoll vs Maine Coon Size – History & Differences!

Ragdoll vs Maine Coon Size - Differences and Characteristics

The comparison between Ragdoll cat vs Maine Coon size is a concern most pet lovers hold as they try to look for the right breed that they can adopt. Ragdoll cats are very different from Maine Coons, yet many people think they are the same.  Maine Coon cats are large and they are active and … Read more

What is The Lifespan of a Ragdoll Cat? 

What is The Lifespan of a Ragdoll Cat? Factors of Influence!

If you are interested in keeping a Ragdoll cat it is important to answer the question – what is the lifespan of a Ragdoll cat? The lifespan of a Ragdoll cat depends on several factors, but most importantly the care and health of the cat. Ragdoll cats live on average between 12 to 15 years, … Read more