How Many Kittens Can a Ragdoll Cat Have? + Useful Tips!

Do you have an idea how many kittens can a Ragdoll cat have in a litter, or do you want us to find out together?

Ragdoll breed is one of the best pedigree cats, much loved for their big size, best mannerisms, and breathtaking beauty. They are highly graceful in behavior and with some prominent features in their look.

This breed will be your perfect companion with the proper care and attention. In this article, let us look at everything we need to know about how many kittens can a Ragdoll cat have.

How Many Kittens Can a Ragdoll Cat Have in a Litter?

The average number of kittens for any given feline is five, but the amount varies depending on the individual cat, health, breed, and age.

For example, younger and older cats are more likely to have smaller litters. Older mothers or first-time young mothers may only have a couple of kittens per litter. A healthy female that has already given birth to several litters will likely produce more kittens without an issue, while older ones might only produce one kitten.

The more litters a female cat has the more kittens she is likely to have per litter. While many Ragdolls will have four to five kittens per litter, some will have more and some will have less.

With all these facts taken into account, let’s figure out how many kittens can a Ragdoll cat have. A usual litter consists of four to five kittens maximum.

How Long is a Ragdoll Cat Pregnant For?

Pregnancy in cats ranges from 63-65 days. Most people do not know how to tell if their cat is pregnant right from the beginning. How can one know if their Ragdoll is pregnant?

The answer is simple. You can tell your Ragdoll cat is pregnant by taking it to a vet for a sonogram. How long does a pregnancy last in cats? How long is a Ragdoll cat pregnant?

When the eggs become fertilized, they are transferred to the uterus, where they implant themselves into their lining, which will support them until they are born. The first trimester lasts for about 21 days, so if you haven’t noticed any signs within three weeks since mating, this might mean she was not impregnated.

As the second trimester continues, you may notice increased urination, appetite, and weight gain in your cay. The third trimester can be spotted by the size of her belly.

What You Need To Know Before Your Ragdoll Gives Birth – Tips!

  • You can find out whether your cat is pregnant by taking her to your vet. The vet will perform a sonogram to see if there are any fetuses.
  • When it gets near day 63 of pregnancy, she will come into labor at any moment, so you need to be prepared for that.
  • During this stage, expect some unusual behavior from your lovely pet. First of all, your female will become highly agitated and defensive, which means that you have to be careful and give your cat a comfortable space to give birth.
  • There are three stages of labor when a cat is giving birth. The average length of full parturition, aka delivery, is 16 hours, though it can last anywhere from 4–42 hours.
  • You should prepare a warm, cozy place for your cat to give birth.
  • A cardboard box lined with newspaper, old sheets, or towels is ideal.
  • One of the scariest parts of the whole thing is the kittens’ initial weight after being born. They can weigh anywhere from 60-120 grams which means that if your little one weighs less than this number, it might mean they need help from your vet.
  • After giving birth, the best thing you can do is make sure the kittens are breathing and can nurse.
  • On average, they spend about eight to ten weeks nursing from their mom before going on to their own lives.

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Spaying Your Ragdoll

This is one of the best ways not to have any unwanted pregnancies in the future. Spaying will also eliminate all problems if such pregnancy happens, such as cancer, cysts, mammary tumors, uterine infections, etc.

Since spaying your pet means removing both uterus and ovaries, the process of spaying is more complex than neutering.

How to spay a cat?

This surgery lasts about 20 minutes, depending on the severity of the procedure. Any female who has recently given birth or is still breastfeeding should wait till the kittens are weaned before going under the knife for this surgery.

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How long will my Ragdoll need to recover from being spayed?

Your vet usually discharges your pet after 1-2 days, and you need to keep an eye on them. They might experience some discomfort which can be solved with painkillers as prescribed by your veterinarian.

To Sum Up, How Many Kittens Can a Ragdoll Cat Have in a Litter?

The size of your cat’s litter depends on different factors such as the age of the mother and the number of previous litter she has given birth to.

This number does not often exceed five but the average litter size is around four to five. So, in short, if your female ends up with one kitten, be happy with her and take care of them as you would if they were five.

A Ragdoll cat’s gestation period usually lasts for 63-65 days, which means this breed is very similar to the Siamese breed in pregnancy length.

how many kittens can a ragdoll cat mom have

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