How Long Can You Leave a Ragdoll Cat Alone? Things You Need To Consider

How long can you leave a Ragdoll cat alone, and what things should you put in place to ensure your cat is comfortable?

Ragdoll cats are loving cats who need plenty of cuddles and affection. They enjoy the company of humans as they are playful cats.

However, you may need to step out of the house and leave them alone when duty calls. What can you expect while you leave them alone?

By nature, Ragdoll cats are very quiet, passive, and calm, so most of them make no noise when home alone. They sleep a good portion of the day anyway, so they don’t require much human interaction during this period.

But How Long Can You Leave a Ragdoll Cat Alone?

It is essential to understand that how long can you leave a Ragdoll cat alone, depends on the individual cat’s personality and emotional level. If you have a Ragdoll kitten under four months old, ideally you shouldn’t leave them alone for more than four to six hours. Adult cats are considered more independent, particularly during nighttime when they sleep most of the day.

However, if your cat doesn’t mind being left behind alone without causing any damage or harm, it is okay to leave them for up to 24 hours. If leaving your cat alone for this long, be sure to provide plenty of fresh water and food, which you can provide with an automatic feeder. But only if they are very peaceful, quiet, and well-behaved cats; otherwise, just before leaving, ensure you give them enough playtime to tire them out.

Young Ragdoll kittens are frisky and playful, so make sure they are supervised for more hours than adults. Also, how long you leave your cat alone depends on how old your cat is because they learn to be quiet during the day as they grow older. It is best to have a clean litter box, as well as food and water bowls in place for them before you leave home.

It is possible they might meow when they get hungry. It’s advisable to ask your trusted neighbor to check on them from time to time and feed them when it’s time to do so if you are leaving them overnight and don’t have an automatic feeder.

Can You Leave Your Ragdoll Cat Alone During The Day?

Ragdoll cats sleep most of the day, up to 12-16 hours. It is okay to leave them alone for several hours if they are adults, provided you have considered how much playtime will tire them out before leaving home.

However, it is essential to consider how well-behaved your cat is when left alone before making a decision. Young Ragdoll kittens are energetic and playful, so they can’t be left alone as long as adults.

Where Should You Leave Your Cat – Outdoors Or Indoors?

It is up to your discretion how long you can leave your Ragdoll cat alone, but how well behaved it is when left alone will determine how long you can be away.

Some Ragdoll cats can be left outdoors but it is generally not ideal. But how long you leave them is up to how well behaved they are when home alone. If your kitty is a bit naughty and playful, it’s safest to keep it indoors because there isn’t much risk of it coming across accidents or being attacked by other animals when indoors.

If you know you will be gone for too long, it’s wise to leave your cat indoors. Ensure you feed it before leaving and clean its litter box to void messes all over the house. There’s a playpen available for small breeds of cats which you can use to keep them from running about erratically.

Things You Need To Consider Before Leaving Your Cat Alone

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to leave the house, locking your cat indoors without prior preparations. You need to consider several things before leaving your cat all alone. They include:

  • How long can you leave a Ragdoll cat alone?
  • How well behaved is your Ragdoll kitty when left alone?
  • How young or old is your Ragdoll kitten (young kittens shouldn’t be left alone for long periods)?
  • How have you prepared your Ragdoll cat before leaving?
  • How long will you be out?

Ensure that you feed your cat before leaving or place water and food bowls, litter tray, and playpen in their strategic places.

can you leave a Ragdoll cat alone

If you are not sure how your cat will do when you are gone or if it’s your first time leaving it alone, ask a friend or neighbor to check on it from time to time until you return.

It is advisable to leave your cat indoors because the outdoors has many dangers that could threaten your cat’s life.


Ragdoll cats are not a good choice for people who leave their homes for extended periods because they can easily get lonely and bored. There is a high likelihood that it might create messes in the house when left alone.

Set plans for how you will entertain your Ragdoll cat before leaving it alone. Also, consider how well-behaved it is when left alone and how old before deciding how long to leave it home alone. In conclusion, how long you can leave your Ragdoll cat depends on how well behaved it is when left home without supervision, as well as how young or old the kitty is.

We hope you’ve learned how long can you leave a Ragdoll cat alone! So before you leave the house, ensure your cat is well-taken care of!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ragdoll cats follow you around?

Ragdoll cats like to follow the owner around the house as a sign of companionship. They are very loyal to their owners and how well they behave when left alone will depend on how you have trained them.

Do Ragdoll cats get lonely?

Young Ragdoll cats will meow if lonely especially during nighttime or if you lock them alone in another room. It depends on the individual but Ragdolls can get lonely.

Do Ragdoll cats get depressed?

Ragdoll cats are a bit reserved and don't get depressed easily. These cats are friendly and very social. Leaving them alone for a long time only makes them lonely and depressed. To communicate their depression, they can meow for a long time or become aggressive destroying stuff in the home.

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