Do Ragdoll Cats Like To Go Outside?

If you have a Ragdoll cat, you might be wondering do Ragdoll cats like to go outside, or is it safer to keep them inside? There are pros and cons to letting Ragdoll cats go outside, and some people prefer to keep them as indoor cats only. Let’s find out the answer to do Ragdoll cats like to go outside, and how to do this safely.

Do Ragdoll Cats Like To Go Outside?

The question of whether your Ragdoll cat likes to go outside will depend on many factors. If your cat has a bold, brave temperament and likes to explore and adventure, then he will probably like go to go outside. A more nervous cat may prefer to stay in the safety of the home.

Whether your cat wants to go outside or not will also depend on how stimulating and exciting the home environment is. A cat that is confined to a small area within the home with very few toys will soon get bored and want to explore outside. Cats that have extensive play areas inside, such as climbing frames, will not get so bored so quickly and may be quite happy to never go outside.

Ragdoll Cats Like To Go Outside

In some cases, cats will live quite happily in houses and never express a desire to go outside. It can seem they don’t even know that the great outdoors even exists! Other cats will stare out of the window longingly, or sit at the door, hoping that someone will let them outside.

Ragdoll cats are playful, inquisitive, and very intelligent. If they are not provided with enough stimulation and opportunities to play and explore, they will soon get bored and want to go outside. Ragdolls also enjoy human company, so cats that are left alone for long periods will perhaps be more likely to want to go outside in search of companionship.

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Should You Let Your Ragdoll Cat Go Outside?

There are some great reasons why you should let your Ragdoll cat go outside, but there are also some very good reasons why it is not a good idea to let them outside. Allowing your cats to go outside will provide a form of environmental enrichment where they get to explore and experience new things. However, accidents can happen outside and in the very worst-case scenario, your cat may disappear altogether.

Cats like to explore new habitats, but they also like to stay close to the sanctuary of their own home. Most cats will get into a daily routine where they explore the same areas every day. If your cat has sufficient opportunity to explore and wonder within the house, he may not be too upset if he is not allowed to go outside.

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However, it can be great fun watching your cat play and explore the great outdoors. Spending time outdoors gives them the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and interact with the natural world. This can be a great experience for a cat as intelligent as the Ragdoll.

Unfortunately, things can quickly go wrong with cats that are allowed to freely roam outside. Your Ragdoll may seem calm and confident in the house, but once outside he can be easily spooked by loud noises and unfamiliar movements or objects. Even something as innocent as a football or lawn mower could be enough to cause him to panic and run away.

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How To Take A Ragdoll Cat Outside Safely

If you want your Ragdoll cat to experience the outside world, you can keep him safe by putting him on a lead. You will need to train him to accept the lead in the house before going outside. If your garden is securely fenced, he may be able to roam freely, but remember that cats can jump and climb over tall objects.

Before your Ragdoll cat goes outside, he must be fully vaccinated against infectious diseases. He should also be microchipped and wear an ID tag in case he goes missing.

Summary – Do Ragdoll Cats Like To Go Outside

So, as we have learned, the answer to do Ragdoll cats like to go outside is yes, they definitely do! However, this does not necessarily mean we should let these cats go outside, as the great outdoors is not always the safest place for a cat to be. Spending time outside can be a great way to enrich your cat’s lifestyle, but is important to take certain precautions to make sure your cat does not come to any harm.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on do Ragdoll cats like to go outside? Do you have a Ragdoll cat that likes to go on adventures outdoor and is impossible to keep inside? Or maybe you feel it’s safer to keep your Ragdoll cats as house cats and prefer not to let them outside at all? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


Do Ragdoll cats like to go on walks?

Ragdoll cats are inquisitive and fun, loving, and some can be trained to enjoy going on walks. Before taking your cat outside on a leash, you must train it to walk sensibly in the home. Do not take your cat too far from home, as if he panics, you'll want to get him back to safety quickly.

Is it cruel to keep a Ragdoll cat indoors?

It is not cruel to keep a Ragdoll cat indoors as long as he is provided with everything he needs to meet his physical and emotional demands. This includes opportunities to run, climb and play, a comfortable sleeping area, and somewhere to scratch his claws. He will need a safe place to eat and drink and a separate area to go to the toilet away from his eating area.

How do you take Ragdolls outside?

If you wish to take your Ragdoll outside, you need a secure area. This can be a garden or yard with a high fence so he can roam freely. Alternatively, you can train your Ragdoll to walk outside on a leash.

Why Ragdoll cats should not go outside?

Many people fear letting their Ragdoll cats go outside in case they get stolen or run away. Unfortunately, cats also often get hit by vehicles on the road. Cats are ferocious predators and will kill wildlife in your garden.

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