Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats?

Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats? You have to admit that the name Ragdoll is very unusual and you might be wondering why are they called Ragdoll cats? Is it because of their appearance or the way they are bred? Or something else entirely? Let’s find out why they are called Ragdoll cats and some other fun facts about this great feline breed.

What Is A Ragdoll Cat?

Compared to many other cat breeds, Ragdolls are a fairly new breed of cat and date back only to 1963. Every breed of cat is carefully selected and bred to show off a distinctive feature, such as a unique fur pattern, body shape, or temperament. Ragdolls have their own set of characteristics that fanatics of this cat adore!

The ragdoll cat breed was developed by a cat breeder called Ann Baker from California. Interestingly, the foundation stock of this cat breed consisted almost entirely of free-roaming cats that lived in the neighbourhood. Anne found the cat, called Josephine, who was a long-haired white female found running loose near her house.

Josephine was bred with Anne’s other cats, some of which she owned, and others which she found elsewhere. All of Josephine’s offspring had a very unique trait. They were very relaxed and had a very calm temperament.

What Is A Ragdoll Cat

These traits were passed on through a selective breeding programme, and the Ragdoll cat breed was created.

Ragdoll cats are a relatively large breed with a well-balanced body. They have a long fine coat and a distinctive coat pattern. They are a pointed breed, meaning that the body is lighter in colour than the points of the face, legs, ears and tail.

Although rattles are not particularly distinctive in appearance, they are loved for their kind and friendly nature. These cats become very fond of humans and will run to greet their favourite people at the door and follow you around the house. While some other cats have a reputation for being aloof, Ragdolls love to be with people and will normally choose to be in the same area as their human family.

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Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats?

So, why are they called Ragdoll cats? Is it because of their appearance or is there another reason?

The initial litters of kittens bred from Josephine were very calm and relaxed. In fact, they were so relaxed that when picked up they would go limp and floppy. They were nicknamed Ragdolls because they were as floppy as a rag doll, and this name soon stuck!

Josephine’s genetic influence must have been very strong because this trait has been passed down through the generations over the decades. Ragdolls are particularly famous for the way they go limp and floppy when they are picked up. They are also renowned for their calm demeanour and loving temperament.

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Are All Ragdoll Cats Friendly?

So you will come across many Ragdolls that go all limp and floppy in your arms when you pick them up. They seem to love being picked up and cuddled by humans and are incredibly relaxed. However, don’t expect every single Ragdoll you come across to go floppy or limp when they are picked up.

All cats are individuals and have their own temperaments, likes and dislikes. For a cat to go floppy and calm when it is picked up, it must be relaxed enough to enjoy this experience. Some rag dolls never grow to like being picked up and cuddled, no matter how hard you try and will not go floppy.

However, even if your Ragdoll cat is not the type to go floppy, it is still highly likely to be a very friendly and sociable cat. There are many reasons to love this awesome breed of cat, not just their floppiness!

As well as being very friendly, Ragdoll cats are easy to care for and like to have fun. Like most long-haired breeds of cat, they do need grooming occasionally, but their coat is not too thick and does not tend to get matted. Ragdolls make a great pet and will be adored by all the family!

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Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats

Summary – Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats

So as we have learned, the reason why are they called Ragdoll cats is because they tend to go limp and floppy in your arms when they are picked up. Ragdoll cats are very friendly and sociable and love spending time with humans. This is a result of careful breeding over the decades and every Ragdoll cat can be traced back to the original foundation stock in California.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about why are they called Ragdoll cats! A Have you been a fan of this cat breed for many years, or have you only just discovered how much fun they are? Maybe you’ve got some questions about the original Ragdoll cats and the way they were bred? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!


Why is the cat called Ragdoll?

Ragdoll cats got their name because the original breeding stock were very calm and happy cats that tended to go floppy when they were picked up. This trait has been passed on through the generations and it is still common to find Ragdoll cats that will go limp and floppy when cuddled.

Why are Ragdolls so floppy?

Ragdoll cats are so floppy because of the strong genetic influences of the foundation breeding queen, a street cat called Josephine. Josephine was a long haired cat and when bred with other cats produced offspring that were very calm and relaxed. This trait has been passed on over the decades and it is still common to find floppy rag dolls to this day.

Are Ragdolls smart?

As well as being calm, friendly and fun loving, ragdoll cats are very smart. They can be taught tricks and can figure out problems. Owning a Ragdoll cat can be highly rewarding due to their intelligent and smart nature.

Do Ragdolls need another cat?

Ragdolls are very sociable cats and will enjoy the company of another cat, particularly if their humans are not at home all of the time. It is unfair to leave a Ragdoll cat home alone for long periods as they enjoy being in company.

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