Do Ragdoll Cats Drool?

If you are considering getting a ragdoll cat, you will want to know answers to important questions like do ragdoll cats drool? Whether a cat drools or not can be a deal breaker for some people! Let’s find out the answer to do ragdoll cats drool and many other ragdoll related questions!

Do Ragdoll Cats Drool?

Some cats drool a lot more than others, and you may be wondering if the ragdoll breed is one of these. While many people don’t mind the cat that drools, some people find this off-putting. If you’re not a fan of cats that drool, you will want to know the answer to do ragdoll cats drool!

The truth is that some ragdoll cats will drool, and some ragdoll cats will not drool at all. Whether a cat drools or not is not a breed-specific trait, and is down to the individual cat. So if you get a ragdoll cat, you may end up with one that dribbles regularly, or you may get one that never drools at all.

Some people worry that when a cat drools, it is a sign that they are having problems. However, your ragdoll cat may drool for many different reasons, and some of these are good!

Do Ragdoll Cats Drool

Cats will often drool when they are having a pleasurable experience or are anticipating something nice. So if your cat is having a particularly nice cuddle, or knows that you are preparing his dinner, he may start to dribble.

However, drooling can also be a sign of problems such as dental issues or when they have eaten something unpleasant or toxic. If your cat starts unexpectedly and persistently drooling, it is important to seek veterinary advice.

Do Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot Of Hair?

Many people are put off getting a long-haired cat because they believe they shed a lot of hair. However, despite having a long and luxurious coat, the ragdoll cat is an exception to this rule.

Most long-haired cats have a double coat. This consists of a long outer layer and a short, dense undercoat. This undercoat is shed regularly which can lead to matting of the coat and loose hair deposited all over your house.

Ragdoll cats do not have this undercoat and tend to shed less hair than most long-haired cat breeds. Their longer coat is smooth and silky, giving them a beautiful, fluffy appearance.

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In terms of grooming, ragdoll cats are not as high maintenance as other long haired breeds. However, the long coats can still become matted and tangled, and does require regular grooming. Luckily, most ragdoll cats adore being groomed and will happily let you sit and tend to their fur several times a week.

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Home Alone?

One thing that ranked all cats are famous for is their love of humans. These cats quickly become part of the family and tend to follow people around the house. If you go out of the house, you will often find your ragdoll cat sat by the door waiting for you when you come home.

As ragdoll cats are so fond of human company, it is not fair to leave them home alone for long periods. This is not an independent breed of cat that will make his own entertainment. He relies heavily on people to keep him happy and content.

If your circumstances change and you find that you’re going to need to leave your ragdoll cat home alone, it is a good idea to provide him with other comforts to keep him happy. Ideally this should be another cat, but some ragdoll cats will also form a a close bond with dogs or other pets.

Your ragdoll cat should also be provided with things to keep him entertained while you were out, such as toys and treat balls. If he suffers from separation anxiety when left alone, consider using pheromone treatment to help him remain at ease. These come in the form of pheromone sprays and plug-in diffusers.

Summary – Do Ragdoll Cats Drool?

So, as we have learned, the answer to the question of do ragdoll cats drool will depend on the individual cat rather than the breed. Whether a cat drools or not is down to the individual, and not the breed or type of cat. Cats will drool when they are happy or anticipating something nice, but drooling can also be a sign of dental problems, or when the cat has eaten something unpleasant or toxic.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on do ragdoll cats drool! Do you have a ragdoll cat that drools all the time, no matter what you do? Well, maybe you’ve got another question about the personality traits and characteristics of ragdoll cats? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!


Do Ragdoll cats make a lot of noise?

Ragdoll cats are not particularly noisy cats, and are not known for being vocal. However, there are always exceptions to this, and you may occasionally come across a ragdoll cat that likes to call to you and make a lot of noise.

Do Ragdolls sleep with you?

Ragdoll cats love to spend time with people and will want to sleep with you or on you at every opportunity. If you don't want your ragdoll cats sharing your bed, you will need to set a clear boundary right from the start. Once your ragdoll has decided that your bed is his favourite place to sleep, you will struggle to convince him otherwise!

Are Ragdolls clingy?

Ragdoll cats are well known to be one of the most affectionate and friendly cat breeds. They love to spend time with humans and will often follow people around and wait at the door for them when they go out. Some people regard this behaviour is clingy, but it is just the natural way of the breed.

Do Ragdolls like being cuddled?

Ragdolls absolutely adore being cuddled and will go limp and floppy when picked up. This quirky feature of the breed is how they got their name, as they are similar to a rag doll.

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