Black Ragdoll Cat Price And Characteristics Explained

Ragdoll kittens certainly are not the cheapest out there, and if you are considering buying a black ragdoll cat price will be a big factor! While other color ragdolls are more well-known, black ragdoll cats can make great family pets. Let’s take a look at black ragdoll cat price and characteristics to help you decide what color kitten to bring into your family!

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Black?

Ragdoll cats are famed for their beautiful and often unique colors and markings. They are famous for their seal-point coloring, with a lighter-colored coat and darker points around the face, ears, legs, and tail. But can ragdoll cats be black as well?

It is entirely possible to get a black ragdoll cat, but there is some controversy around this color when it comes to ragdoll cats. The reason for this is that not all colors of ragdoll cats are accepted by the breed societies, and there is also some disagreement between the different breed societies as to which colors are acceptable. This means that you could have a black ragdoll cat that is registered with one breed society but may not be eligible to enter competitions and shows run by another breed society.

There are some colors, markings, and patterns of ragdoll cats that are universally accepted by all breed societies and competitions. The recognized colors are red, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, and cream, and these can have colorpoint, mitted, or bicolor pattern markings. Coat marking variations can be either tabby or tortoiseshell.

As you will see, the color black does not feature anywhere on this list! Let’s take a look at where black ragdoll cats fit into this often controversial cat breeding phenomenon.

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Is A Solid Black Ragdoll Cat Rare?

The darkest colors of pedigree ragdoll cats are red, seal, and chocolate, and solid black ragdoll cats are not considered to be purebred. However, over the history of this breed, Ragdoll cats have been bred with many other breeds to improve the characteristics of this family’s favorite pet. This means that there are some lines of ragdoll cats that can produce black offspring, but these are quite rare.

The reason that black ragdoll cats are rare is that they are not generally accepted by breed societies, as they are considered to be crossbred or a genetic throwback to a non-ragdoll ancestor. Breeders are more likely to breed from ragdoll cats that have classic colors, markings, and patterns, such as a chocolate colorpoint or tabby lilac ragdoll.

But regardless of the fact that breeders are not always fans of black ragdoll cats, owners of this unusual coloring will tell you that they feel very lucky indeed! These cats have luxurious silky black coats, often with lighter steel-gray tips to the hairs. Their color can fade and darken through the seasons, from jet black to light gray.

The other key difference with black ragdoll cats is their eye color. Ragdoll cats with classic traditional coat colors will always have blue eyes – this is a key feature of the breed. Ragdoll cats with non-traditional colorings, such as all-black ragdoll cats, will have gold or green eyes. Most breed societies will only accept the registration of ragdoll cats with blue-eye coloring.

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Is A Black Ragdoll Cat Price Very Expensive?

The black ragdoll cat price will depend on whether the cat has been registered with a breed society and the pedigree of the kitten’s parents. The black coat coloring is not recognized by all ragdoll breed societies, so it can be hard to register cats with this coloring as a pedigree.

You might think that this means you’d get an all-black ragdoll cat for a cheaper price, but this is not always the case! An all-black ragdoll cat is very rare, as the lighter coat colors are much more prevalent. This means that an all-black ragdoll cat may be more expensive than a pedigree ragdoll in a traditional color.

However, it is important to bear in mind that a black ragdoll cat may not come with breed registration papers, and may be ineligible to enter shows and conditions. If you intend to show or breed ragdoll cats, it would be better to stick to ones with traditional colors and markings.

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Is A Black Male Ragdoll Cat More Expensive Than A Female?

There is not generally a large price difference between male and female ragdoll cats, unless they have particularly unique colors or markings. Some colors, markings, and patterns are highly sought after by breeders, so this can drive the price up of both male and female ragdoll cats.

A black male ragdoll cat would not normally be considered for breeding, as this coloring is not recognized by the ragdoll cat breed associations. This means you may get an all-black ragdoll cat at a lower price than one with traditional coloring and markings.

Is A Black Male Ragdoll Cat More Expensive Than A Female

In terms of characteristics, a black male ragdoll cat may be larger than a female, and the males of this breed are often reported to be more relaxed and sociable. Ragdoll cats are already known to be one of the larger cat breeds, so this means a black male ragdoll cat is one of the largest black cats you will come across!

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Summary – Black Ragdoll Cat Price

So, as we have learned, the black ragdoll cat price will depend on whether the cat has been registered with a breed society and the pedigree of the kitten’s parents. The black coat coloring is not recognized by all ragdoll breed societies, so if you want a ragdoll cat to enter into shows and competitions then black might not be the best color. However, black ragdoll cats can make great pets and will quickly become a much-loved members of your family.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on black ragdoll cat price and characteristics! Are you lucky enough to have a rare black ragdoll cat as part of your family? Or maybe you think that the black ragdoll cat price is just too expensive for a color that is not recognized as a pedigree by breed societies? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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