Ragdoll Siamese Cat Personality Explained!

If you’re thinking of buying a mixed pedigree breed of cat, then the Ragdoll Siamese cat personality might appeal to you! This unusual cross-breed has some quirky and fun character traits, and they can make great family pets. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Ragdoll Siamese cat personality!

What Is A Ragdoll Siamese Cat?

A Ragdoll Siamese cat is one that has one parent which was a Ragdoll cat, and the other was a Siamese cat. To understand what this unusual cross-breed looks like, we first need to learn a bit more about the breeds of the parents:

  • Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are a semi-longhaired breed of cats with a distinctive fluffy coat. They are renowned for their cuddly and affectionate nature, and get their name from the fact that they go limp and floppy when they are picked up, just like a rag doll! This breed of cat loves to be around people and will develop a strong bond with its human family.

Ragdoll cats are a relatively large breed of cat, weighing in at around 12 pounds when fully grown. Interestingly, most Ragdoll kittens are born pure white and develop their darker points as they grow older. Most Ragdoll cats also change color through the seasons, in response to changes in temperature.

  • Siamese Cats

In terms of color, Siamese cats share many of the same colors and markings as Ragdoll cats. But apart from this, they are quite a different in appearance!

Siamese cats are a smooth, short-haired breed of cat, famed for their sleek and lithe appearance. They are slightly smaller than the Ragdoll, normally weighing in at around 8 to 12 pounds.

The Siamese cat has a noisy and extroverted personality, and will not hesitate to show you his true feelings! They are energetic and curious and like to be the center of attention. This is coupled with an impressive range of vocal noises – there is no peace when you live with a Siamese cat!

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What Does A Ragdoll Siamese Cat Look Like?

The reason that many people choose to cross a Ragdoll cat with a Siamese is because these two breeds have many coat colors and markings in common. Both breeds have a characteristic white body with darker points on the face, legs, paws, and tail. These points can be blue, chocolate, cream, or lilac.

This means that a Ragdoll Siamese cat will have the colors and markings that are characteristic of both breeds, staying true to type. The offspring of these two breeds will have soft fur, often retaining the longer-haired appearance of the Ragdoll parent. The kittens also often have blue eyes.

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In terms of body shape and size, there is no guarantee what your Ragdoll Siamese cat will turn out like! It might have the sleek, slender body of the Siamese cat, or the sturdy, larger body of a Ragdoll. On many occasions, you end up with something in between!

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What Is The Ragdoll Siamese Cat Personality Like?

When it comes to the Ragdoll siamese cat personality, it can be a bit of a lottery! Both of these cat breeds have distinctive character traits, and the kitten may inherit some of these from one or both parents.

One thing that is guaranteed is that you will have a kitten that thrives with human company. Both the Siamese and Ragdoll adore to be around humans and will do anything to get your attention. The Siamese cat will be very vocal when he wants company, whereas the Ragdoll may simply just come and lay on you!

A Ragdoll Siamese cat is likely to follow you around the house, wanting to be involved in whatever is going on. Ragdolls are less talkative than the Siamese, so how chatty your cat is, depends on which traits it inherits from its parents. Both breeds love to be with humans, but with a Siamese this tends to be more on his own terms, giving them a reputation for being aloof and haughty.

One thing that is certain is that your Ragdoll Siamese cat will not enjoy being alone for long periods. This sociable cat can become withdrawn and depressed without sufficient company and interaction. This is a cat that wants to be part of the family, and will seek out its humans at every opportunity!

What Is A Ragdoll Siamese Cat

Summary – Ragdoll Siamese Cat Personality

So, as we have learned, the Ragdoll Siamese cat personality is normally a cat that loves to spend time with humans – these are two very sociable breeds of cat! This cross-breed may inherit the vocal traits of its Siamese parent, or the floppy nature of the Ragdoll. This feline cross-breed is a lovely family cat with a quirky personality.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Ragdoll Siamese cat personality and traits! Are you a fan of this unusual cross-breed and their quirky temperament? Or perhaps you’re considering bringing a Ragdoll Siamese cat into your family and have a few questions about what to expect. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


Can a Ragdoll be Siamese?

Ragdoll and Siamese cats are two different breeds, although they are similar in terms of coloring. A Ragdoll cat can be crossed with a Siamese to produce a cross-bred litter of kittens.

How big do Ragdoll Siamese get?

The size of a Ragdoll Siamese depends on the strength of the physical traits it inherits from its parents. It may be large and sturdy like a Ragdoll, or sleek and lithe like a Siamese.

Do Ragdoll cats have good personalities?

Ragdoll cats have great personalities, and this is one of the reasons they are so popular. They love to be around humans and enjoy being cuddled. They are rarely grumpy if cared for correctly.

How do you take care of a Siamese Ragdoll cat?

Siamese Ragdoll cats are very sociable, and should only be kept in households where they are not left alone for long periods. They require mental and physical stimulation to keep them active and happy, and regular grooming to keep the coat in good condition.

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