What Does A Ragdoll Tabby Cat Mix Look Like?

Whilst we all love a purebred ragdoll, sometimes this beautiful cat can also make a great crossbreed! But what does a ragdoll tabby cat mix look like? Do they make good pets? Let’s find out!

What Is A Ragdoll Tabby Cat Mix?

A ragdoll tabby cat mix is a cat that has one parent that is a pure ragdoll and the other parent is a tabby. To find out what this hybrid would look like, first of all, we need to understand a little bit more about the parents.

Ragdoll cats are a relatively large breed with long, silky coats. They are renowned for their docile personality and friendly nature. Ragdoll cats come in many different colors but are renowned for their bi-color shading and seal points around the face, legs, and tail.

Many ragdoll cats have blue eyes, but not all of them. Their long coat is relatively unique as it does not have the thick undercoat associated with most other long-haired cat breeds. Most ragdoll cats have a relatively light coat color, although this can become darker as they age or through the seasons of the year.

Tabby cats are not a specific breed of cats, but this term is used to describe a specific set of coat colors and markings. Tabbies are famed for their remarkable and distinctive striped appearance. This is a result of a specific set of genes that occurs in many, but not all, breeds of cats.

Tabby cats can either be short-haired or long-haired, depending on the parents. The striped markings will extend across the face, back, legs and tail, and can consist of lines, swirls, thick bands, or flecks. All tabby cats have a distinctive ‘M’ shaped mark on their forehead, with stripes around their eyes and cheeks.

The most common colors of tabby cats are a mix of browns, grey and black shades. However, it is possible to get a lighter-coloured cat with tabby markings.

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What Does A Ragdoll Tabby Cat Mix Look Like?

When two different breeds or types of cats are crossbred, it could be very difficult to predict what the offspring will look like. This is definitely the case when it comes to a ragdoll crossed with a tabby cat, as each are so different in appearance, the outcomes can be very variable.

In terms of color, the kittens could retain the lighter coat color of the ragdoll parent or could take on the darker striped appearance of a tabby. In some cases, the kittens could take on the coat characteristics of both parents, and have a striped coat with darker points around the face.

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The thickness and length of the coat will also be variable as this depends on the type of tabby cat. If the tabby parent is long-haired, then the offspring of a ragdoll tabby cat mix are almost guaranteed to be long-haired as well. With a short-haired tabby parent, the litter could contain a mix of both long and short-haired kittens.

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Does A Ragdoll Tabby Cat Mix Make A Good Pet?

Ragdoll cats are notoriously good-natured and placid and love spending time with humans. They generally pass on these personality traits to their offspring, but this could be diluted depending on the character of the tabby parent. If the tabby parent is more independent and less friendly, this may also be passed on to the offspring.

The problem is when crossing two different breeds or types of cats together is that you cannot guarantee which will have the stronger genetic influence. If you are lucky, the offspring may be as calm and lovable as a ragdoll. On the other hand, they could also be feisty, energetic, and playful, depending on the characteristics of the tabby parent.

One thing that is for sure is that a ragdoll tabby cat mix is quite a rare find! Most ragdoll owners prefer not to cross these pure breeds with other colors or types of cats. So if you have a ragdoll tabby cat mix in your family, you should consider yourself very lucky!

Does A Ragdoll Tabby Cat Mix Make A Good Pet?


So, as we have learned, it is almost impossible to predict what a ragdoll tabby cat mix will look like! Ragdoll is a breed of cat that normally has a light coat color with darker points around the face, legs, and tail, whilst the word tabby is used to describe a cat with distinctive striped markings. When the two are cross-bred, the offspring may retain more characteristics from one parent or the other, or an equal mix of both.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the ragdoll tabby cat mix and other ragdoll hybrids! Are you a fan of ragdolls crossed with other cat breeds, or do you prefer a purebred ragdoll? Maybe you’ve got a new ragdoll cross tabby kitten in your family, but you can’t quite figure out what coat color coat it is going to have. Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!


What is the best Ragdoll mix?

One of the most popular ragdoll cross breeds is a ragdoll mixed with a Russian blue. Both breeds have a lovable, placid temperament and beautiful, silky coat. When read together, a ragdoll and Russian blue can have stunningly beautiful offspring.

What does a Ragdoll mix look like?

Ragdoll cats tend to have quite strong genetic influences and will retain some of their characteristics when crossed with other breeds or types of cats. However, the extent of this will depend on how similar the other type of cat is to the ragdoll parent.

Can a Ragdoll cat be orange?

Ragdoll cats can sometimes have an orange reddish tinge to their coats. This coloring is referred to as flame point and the orange highlights are more distinctive around the face, ears, legs and tail.

Can a Ragdoll be grey?

Ragdoll cats can have a grey coat, but this colour is normally referred to by breeders as blue. It can vary from a very pale grey right through to a dark steel blue.

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