All About The Ragdoll Summer vs Winter Coat

Isn’t it interesting to learn about the Ragdoll summer vs winter coat and how it presents two different types of coats on one cat?  Let’s learn all about it!

Ragdoll coat is a very soft and silky type of coat. Ragdoll cats are relatively easy to groom because they have no undercoat. However, it can mat and may require regular grooming to maintain its softness and shiny appearance. There are two types of Ragdoll coat -Ragdoll summer vs winter coat.

All About Ragdoll Summer vs Winter Coat

The Ragdoll summer coat

The Ragdoll summer coat is affected by the heat and changes on its own to become less fluffy, unlike the cold season. The Ragdoll summer coat is lighter and thinner. You may even notice that it is shorter than the usual winter coat.

Seasonal changes in the summer turn the Ragdoll summer coat into a shorter and less fluffy coat, becoming less dense and softer. This change happens at different times for each cat, depending on the characteristics of the cat and the weather. This change can be more obvious if the cat is stressed or anxious. This change will also tend to occur when the temperatures heat up, triggering cats to shed their winter coats.

The summer coat is usually shorter than the winter coat, but this is not always the case. Some cats, especially those with longer hair, can have long summer coats too.

The Ragdoll winter coat

The Ragdoll winter coat is fluffy and longer than the summer one. The Ragdoll cat gets the ultimate fluffiness to embrace the weather change. Once temperatures drop and begin to get cold and the days get shorter, many cats will begin to grow their winter coats.

Unlike the sleek summer coat, they will often grow a thicker, fluffier coat to keep warm. In addition, the coat generally has a higher fur density. The winter coat is typically longer and more shaggy compared to the summer coat.

Should you shave Ragdolls in summer?

How To Groom The Ragdoll Summer vs Winter Coat?

Having learned that the Ragdoll cat automatically changes its coat depending on the weather, it is important to learn how to groom the Ragdoll’s summer vs winter coat.

Grooming the Ragdoll summer coat

The Ragdoll summer coat is a light, fine, texture. When temperatures begin to warm up, then cats will typically shed their winter coats.

Groom your cat regularly, especially when your cat is shedding its winter coat. Brush your cat regularly using either a cat brush or a grooming glove. Be sure to brush the stomach and hind legs as mats can form here.

Grooming the Ragdoll winter coat

The Ragdoll winter coat is a medium-length, thick, and fluffy coat. Ideally, you want to brush their coat every other day to prevent mats from forming. Regular grooming will also help prevent the chance of hairballs.

Ragdoll Coat Care: Tips

  • If your cat doesn’t like a brush, you can use a grooming glove instead. To help your cat get used to grooming, start with short sessions and work your way up.
  • Feed your cat a balanced diet to help achieve a healthy coat.
  • When grooming your cat, be on the lookout for fleas, ticks, or any skin problems.
  • Aim to brush every other day or at least once to twice a week.
  • A metal brush is ideal for the body and a bristle brush is ideal for the face. However, some people prefer to use a rubber grooming brush.
  • To bathe your cat, brush them first and use a cat-friendly shampoo. Use lukewarm water and if your cat appears anxious, wait for them to calm down. Don’t splash water on your cat’s face as you don’t want to get water in its ears. Instead, use a damp towel to gently wash your cat’s face. After the bath, use a towel to thoroughly dry off your cat.
  • Do not yank at mats, carefully work them out.
  • If you need help, take your cat to a professional groomer.
  • Regularly trim your cat’s nails.

Final Take: Ragdoll Summer vs Winter Coat

Ragdoll summer vs winter coats is shorter in the summer and longer and fluffier in the winter. Ragdolls automatically change their coat length due to the weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ragdolls get winter coats?

Ragdolls get winter coats during the cold season as automatic protection from the cold. The coat will generally become thicker and fluffier.

At what age do Ragdoll cats get Fluffy?

When the Ragdoll cat is between three to four years old, he will start to have fluffy hair. At this time, the hair of the Ragdoll cat will be long and silky.

Should you shave Ragdolls in summer?

No, it is not neccesary to shave a ragdoll in summer, however, you should regularly brush your cat. The skin of Ragdoll cats may be damaged by the sun if it is shaved off.

Do Ragdolls get cold?

Thanks to their medium-length coat, Ragdoll cats do generally not get cold.

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