Choosing The Right Cat Breed For You

So you have decided you want a cat for your family, but you need help deciding which cat breed to get. We don’t blame you; there are so many breeds, and each has quirks and personality. Let us help you make this decision.  Choosing the right cat breed for you may be easier than it seems at first glance!

Cat or Kitten?

Before looking up the different breeds or visiting your local shelters, consider whether you want a kitten or a full-grown cat. Kittens have different needs from cats, and depending on your circumstances, you may not be able to look after a young kitten. 

Kittens need more attention, and they also need more time to get used to a new environment. Their nutritional needs are also more selective, and when compared to a healthy full-grown cat, a healthy kitten will have more vet visits. You need to know how many vets are around your area should you choose a kitten. 

Getting a kitten is better if you have small children and want them to grow with their pet. Getting your puppy and your kitten together is also advisable so they can navigate things together. You can also schedule check-ups for both pets. 

An older cat is excellent when you live alone or away for long periods. Older cats are already house-trained and quite independent. Try to introduce change slowly to older cats because they have become accustomed to their environment. Sudden change or being overwhelmed by people can create undue stress on them. If you are social, gradually introduce them to your circle, loud music, etc.

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Living Situation

Next, you must consider where you live and whether vets are available in your area. There may be emergencies where you need a vet at night. Look for a vet in Hollywood, FL, that has flexible hours, does home visits, and will accept your pet insurance. 

Do you live in a quiet or noisy area? Some cats are okay with loud noises and a chaotic environment and would do well in the city. Then there is the fur situation. Unless your cat is sick, they shouldn’t shed excessively, but you need to be ready for cat fur and constant vacuuming. 

It would help if you also considered your children and any other pets you may already have. Will they be accepting of the cat? Does anyone in the house have bad allergies? Will your cat have enough space to roam around and sleep in? It would help if you answered these pertinent questions before getting a feline friend. 

Popular Breeds

Now that you’ve decided on getting a cat or a kitten, we’ve rounded up some popular cat breeds for you, though we favor the Ragdoll. 


If you want your cat near or around you the whole time, get a ragdoll; these cats don’t mind following you around the house the entire day. They thrive on human contact, brushing, cuddles, and some treats are their love language. They also have beautiful, soft fur and can weigh up to 15 pounds. Taylor Swift recently added one to her cat family. 

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British Shorthair

These cats are usually blue-grey, but you can get some in tabby or colorprint. They have soft, fluffy fur. They will play with you but are also very independent and don’t enjoy being carried around. This breed is ideal if you live alone and are gone for long spells, like for work or a night out. They want their alone time but will gladly cuddle with you on the couch. 

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Persian cats were imported into Europe from Mesopotamia (now Persia) in the 1600s. They quickly became popular because of their fur and exotic looks. They have great personalities, though they may take time to get used to new surroundings, so you must be patient with them. Their fur doesn’t need regular brushing, even though people often brush it. If you want a calm and laid-back kitty, then the Persian is one for you.

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American Shorthair

Characterized by their gray and white coats, American shorthairs are great companions for small kids. They are gentle, playful, and very inquisitive; their muscular build makes them great hunters, so this is the cat to deal with a rat problem. These cats can live up to 20 years and grow with your children until they go to college. Low maintenance on grooming and playing well with other pets makes these ideal house cats.

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Siamese cats are a bundle of energy; they want to play and run around the place. They are not the kind of cat you should leave on its own for too long, or they will find trouble. They need to be kept entertained and love to be cuddled. Siamese cats have very little hair, which means less shedding. They also enjoy a good chat. No, they can’t talk, but they respond with vocal meows when speaking to them. 

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Maine Coon

This breed is native to the USA and can get big. They will reach their full size in around five years. Maine Coons can weigh anything between 11 and 25 pounds. The biggest Maine coon was almost 30 pounds. They have muscular bodies and can even be walked on a leash; they look like a small puppy. They have a lot of energy for their size and move quite quickly; they’re great for a spacious home with kids or other pets to keep them occupied. They’re also very needy and want constant love and attention. This cat is the one that will sleep in your bed and meow behind closed doors. Your ‘me’ time will become ‘shared’ time.

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Scottish Fold

Originating from Scotland, these cats have a medium build and distinctive folded ears. Scottish fold cats have a traceable breed that goes all the way to Susie, a female cat born in 1960. They have beautiful eyes and are very pretty, especially when they are gray. They love human affection, so don’t hold back with this cat breed.

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Each breed of cat varies in characteristics based on temperament, training, sociability, grooming, and nutritional needs. Once you have selected your breed, it’s best to know all this information so you can plan accordingly. 

If you’re going to adopt from a shelter, try to get as much medical history as possible; sometimes, there isn’t any because of the cat’s previous living situation. 

Whether you choose a mixed breed or purebred cat, the one thing all pets need is a loving home. 

Vanessa Sharon

Cats are a wonderful addition to any type of family, their existence makes everything around them a little more magical, so I’m going to try and help you create a world where that magic is endless.