Ragdoll vs Maine Coon Size – History & Differences!

The comparison between Ragdoll cat vs Maine Coon size is a concern most pet lovers hold as they try to look for the right breed that they can adopt.

Ragdoll cats are very different from Maine Coons, yet many people think they are the same.  Maine Coon cats are large and they are active and have great personalities. Ragdoll cats are medium-sized and as active. They are quiet and they are great companions.  This article will show you the differences between the Ragdoll vs Maine Coon size.

Ragdoll Cat vs Maine Coon Size

Ragdoll cats are medium-sized. The height of a Ragdoll is around 9-11 inches tall and the weight is about 10-20 pounds.  The average height of Maine Coon cats is between 10 and 16 inches. They weigh between 10 and 25 pounds.

Maine Coon cats are a large cat breeds. In general, Maine Coon cats are bigger than Ragdoll cats. Maine Coon cats tend to have a larger, stockier build than Ragdolls. Ragdolls tend to be leaner and their body structure is lighter, and they are a medium-sized cat breeds. Both breeds of cats make wonderful family pets.

Differences Between Maine Coon vs Ragdoll


  • Ragdoll cats are smaller than Maine Coons.
  • The height of an adult Maine Coon cat, as a rule, does not exceed 10-16 inches, and the total length of the body with a tail – 39-47 inches. The maximum tail length of the average representative of the Maine Coon breed most often does not exceed 13-14 inches. Maine coon cat reaches its full size at the age of three to five years, which is quite late compared to other popular and widespread breeds. Their paws are bigger than Ragdoll’s paws.
  • The Ragdoll stands around 9-11 inches tall. The average Ragdoll cat measures an impressive 17-21 inches long.


  • Maine Coon cat weigh 10-25 lbs and Ragdolls weigh 10-20 lbs.
  • Maine coons are heavier than Ragdolls.


  • Maine Coon cat have an undercoat.
  • Ragdoll cats have a single coat with no undercoat.
  • Maine Coons can have a longer coat than Ragdoll cat
  • Maine coons have a shaggier coat than Ragdoll cat, who have a soft, silky coat.



  • Maine coons are very friendly and outgoing.
  • Ragdolls are affectionate and playful.
  • Maine Coons can be more active than Ragdoll cat.
  • They are both playful and curious.
  • Maine coons are more inquisitive than Ragdolls.


  • Maine Coons are very sociable, loving, and affectionate.
  • They are extremely intelligent and can be good with children.
  • They are great with people.
  • They love to cuddle and snuggle.
  • They are not afraid to make friends.
  • They are playful and inquisitive.
  • They are curious and eager to learn.
  • They are very strong-willed and determined.
  • They are independent thinkers.
  • Ragdolls are very affectionate, loving, and social.
  • They are very friendly and outgoing.
  • They are very smart and curious.
  • They are great with children.
  • They are playful and can be mischievous.
  • They are curious and eager to learn.
  • They are can be strong-willed and determined.
  • They are independent thinkers.


  • Maine Coons need plenty of space and enjoy being outdoors.
  • They have a similar lifespan to Ragdolls.
  • They do not do well in a stressful environment.
  • Maine Coons do not like to be confined to a small space for long periods.
  • They are not good candidates for apartments or townhouses.
  • Ragdolls prefer a quiet home.
  • They do not tolerate a stressful environment.
  • Ragdolls can live indoors, but some prefer an outdoor lifestyle.

The History Of Ragdoll vs Maine Coon Cats

Ragdolls were first created in the 1960s, and the Maine Coon cat has been around since the 1800s. Maine Coon cats are believed to be the oldest native breed of cat in America. Both breeds are known for being affectionate, friendly, and sociable.

Ragdoll Cats Breed History

The Ragdoll cat breed appeared by accident, but quickly became one of the most famous in the world.

In 1960, an unusual white cat named Josephine, resembling a Turkish Angora, was born near Los Angeles. Then this cat was crossed with a Burmese cat, and the resulting litter attracted the attention of a talented breeder Ann Baker. She decided to fix some of the qualities of the kittens and further improve them.

This is how a new breed with an interesting name appeared. Fluffy pets earned it not only by their external data, but also by their traditional relaxed state.

In 1965, the breed was officially recognized. Today ragdolls are incredibly popular all over the world. But most of all, as before, they are most common in the United States.

Ragdolls have a lot of unique characteristics that make them great pets for families with young children. They can be very playful, and they’re usually good with other pets, especially dogs. The Ragdoll cat is also great for those who are looking to get their first cat. But in general, I would like to note that cats of the ragdoll breed can not be called active. Up to a year old ragdoll kittens are frolicking like all babies, and after growing up, they become very calm and even phlegmatic.

Proportionate head with medium sized ears and large oval blue eyes.

Oval, far-set eyes. Eye color can only be blue, this is an influential and valuable factor in terms of entering beauty contests.

Ears are medium-sized, sometimes with tassels on the ends.

Dense, thick, silky coat with a fine undercoat.

Coloration can range from chocolate, purple, and cream to gray, blue, and red. The most common color is color point, but the breed standard also allows bicolor and mittelschnauzer.

The body is large, but not too agile, with large, round, medium-length paws. The tail is long, very fluffy, often with a fringe at the end.

Maine Coon Breed History and External Characteristics

Maine Coon cats are a large cat breeds. The homeland of these majestic cats is the United States of America. The name “Maine Coon” literally means “Maine raccoon”. Maine is the northern state of the United States. But what does this have to do with raccoons? The answer lies in one of the theories of the origin of the breed. About them we will tell you below:

1. The first theory has nothing to do with wild animals. It is believed that the first settlers brought many varieties of domestic cats to the United States. In unusual conditions, they began to actively crossbreed among themselves, as a result of which a new species appeared. This version is considered official.

2. There is a legend that Maine Coons appeared as a result of natural selection between a cat and a raccoon. Supporters of this theory claim that it is the genes of the raccoon “gave” these cats striped color and fluffy tail. According to another version, the ancestor of Maine Coons was a lynx – hence the cute tassels on the ears. Both versions of genetics refute.

3. The third version is associated with the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The wife of Louis XIV, fleeing from the revolutionaries, thought of fleeing to America. According to legend, she sent a ship in advance, which contained her favorite things and animals.

The queen failed to realize her plan, but her pets safely crossed the ocean and scattered across New England. Cats and cats actively crossbred with their North American counterparts. This is how the Maine Coons appeared.

The Maine Coon does well when left at home alone, which makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a cat that needs more space. The Maine Coon is also great for people who like a more inquisitive personality because it doesn’t need as much attention as a Ragdoll. If you’re looking for a cat that’s easy to train and isn’t too demanding, the Maine Coon may be a great choice. Even though they are large cats, it is a wonderful breed choice as an indoor cats.

The Maine climate has had a significant influence on the appearance of the glorious Maine Coon family: it is very difficult to survive the cold and snowy continental winters without a thick undercoat. A wide, protected by additional tufts of fur paw is also a useful device, helping to slide on the ice crust, without falling into the snow. Impressive size in conditions of hunting small animals is an invaluable advantage. As for the modern representatives of the breed, their appearance could not but be affected by the passion of the European breeders to extreme. Today’s Maine Coons have significantly increased in size, their muzzles have become even more elongated, and their ears have grown significantly.

Massive, noticeably elongated in length, with a relief profile, high cheekbones and a medium-length nose. Since the ancestors of the modern Maine Coon fished for rodents, they often had to “dive” for prey in burrows, which was the main prerequisite for the formation of a somewhat elongated skull shape.

The eyes are rounded, wide and slightly obliquely set. The iris shade varies from green to rich yellow and harmonizes with the color of the animal.

Large in size, with a broad base and a slight forward slant. Distinctive feature – “lynx tassels” and looking out of the ear flaps “brushes”. It is the outstanding size of the ear flaps that helped Maine Coons become excellent mousers, for which the breed is especially favored by American farmers. The skin on the ears is thick, protected by thick wool, and the cartilage structure is dense. To maximize heat retention and protection of the hearing organs, Coons use an ancient technique: the animal tightly presses the ears to the head, as if folding them, which prevents the penetration of icy air inside the funnel.

The neck of Maine Coon kittens is strong, muscular, medium length, decorated with lush and long hair. Among breeders are especially valued individuals with a neck “collar” reaching up to the ear flaps.

Elongated, in shape close to a rectangle, with well-developed muscle mass. The thorax is rather wide, the shape of the back is horizontal. Female Maine coons are generally smaller than males, her average weight is 10-16 lbs, with male maine coon 17,5-26 lbs.

Tall, muscular and very strong. They are set wide.

Massive, rounded shape, protected by a dense “pubescence”.

The tail of the Maine Coon is long (equal in size to the length of the body), with a broad base, without breaks. Covered with dense wool, under which hides a dense water-repellent undercoat. In extreme weather conditions, the tail acts as a natural heater: the animal wraps it around the body, thus protecting itself from the cold.

The Maine Coon’s coat is long (10 to 15 cm), but not uniform, gradually increasing in volume from the shoulders to the belly. The most luxuriant coat in the area of the so-called “pants”. In the back area the coat is stiffer with a predominance of pin hairs. The belly and flanks are protected by a soft down undercoat, the main purpose of which is warming and water repellent.


Individuals bred in kennels of different countries, can differ quite a lot both in color and size. Recently, cats of any color are allowed to participate in shows, exceptions are point, purple and chocolate.

Final Thoughts: Ragdoll vs Maine Coon Size 

Maine Coon vs Ragdoll size is different just as other factors about each of the breeds.  Ragdolls are known to be smaller, but Maine Coons are known for being larger. Also, a Ragdoll’s fur is much softer and finer than a Maine Coon.

The main overall difference is that a Ragdoll is smaller with a silky coat, while a Maine Coon is larger with a shaggy coat. Two cat breeds have wonderful charateristics, so you only need to choose which cat breed suits you best!


Frequently Asked Questions

What cat is bigger than a Maine Coon?

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest breeds of cats. However, Savannah cats are larger. Savannah cats are a cross between a serval and a domestic cat.

How big do Maine Coon Ragdoll cats get?

A Maine Coon cat can weigh anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds. Maine Coons are known for being larger than other breeds.

Are Ragdoll cats bigger than normal cats?

Ragdolls are a larger breed of cat.  They're usually between 10 to 20 pounds. 

Is Ragdoll cat big?

Yes, they are big. Ragdolls can range from 10 to 20 pounds, so they're still medium-sized. But they're also very agile and easy to care for, making them an excellent family pet.

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