Why is My Ragdoll Cat So Mean? – Common Causes Of Aggression

Why is my Ragdoll cat so mean to my family members, especially my little sister, always hissing and growling at them?

Ragdolls are a large, semi-longhaired cat breed known for their placid temperament and affectionate, gentle nature. However, as with all cats, a Ragdoll may act out aggressively every once in a while.

This can occur at any time but is most likely to happen during play or when they feel threatened. You may need to pay closer attention to her behavior to determine why your Ragdoll is acting this way. Has your cat been around your sister since you adopted her?

Why is My Ragdoll Cat So Mean?

Ragdolls have a reputation for being loving and sweet, but it’s important to remember that, like any other cat, they can be mean or even violent at times. Like most breeds of cats, the Ragdoll has inherited traits from both its parents.

Common Causes Of Aggression in Ragdoll Cats

Your Ragdoll may inherit one or more genetic defects that cause aggression. There are various reasons why your Ragdoll may have become aggressive, so it’s important to rule out each of these before making any changes.

A common reason for aggression is a behavioral problem with their owners or the environment. This may occur if your cat feels threatened by another cat, another cat’s litterbox, or a cat’s toys. If your Ragdoll is always trying to get away from something, you may need to make changes to your home to help calm it.

Here are other reasons that could cause aggression in your cat.

  • Sickness – illness, injury, or trauma can lead to aggression
  • Pain – pain caused by injuries or illness can result in an aggressive response.
  • Heredity – if you have a previous history of aggressive behavior, it’s possible that your cat has inherited it.
  • Environment – if you’ve moved your cat into a new home with a family member who is ill or young, your cat may be feeling threatened, which can lead to aggression.
  • Stress
  • Over-excitement
  • Over-feeding
  • Lack of exercise
  • Unusual noise, movement, or smell

What To Do When a Cat is Aggressive?

Most pet owners keep asking “why is my Ragdoll cat so mean?” but fail to learn how to handle an aggressive cat. If your cat is afraid, it may be aggressive toward you. Your first step should always be to calm the cat. If the cat is on your lap or bed and won’t come when you call, gently coax it back. Use a soft tone of your voice and keep your arms out of its reach.

The next step is to make sure the cat isn’t hurt. If your cat has claws, or you think that the cat has been injured, check for injuries. If there are signs of an injury, take your cat to the vet for treatment.

If your cat seems more aggressive toward one family member than another, try to figure out why. If your cat is aggressive toward other pets, try to get your cat used to a new pet by giving it time to get to know it, and don’t introduce them at once.

How To Treat Aggressive Behavior In Ragdoll Cats?

If you are wondering why your Ragdoll cat so mean and it’s causing concerns, the first thing to do is to check the cat’s health. If your Ragdoll appears to be in pain or has trouble breathing, immediately contact your vet.

If you find that your Ragdoll is not showing signs of any disease or illness, try to figure out why it’s acting so out of character.

Here are some steps to take to help your cat become less aggressive:

  • Your Ragdoll may be feeling threatened by something or someone in the home. If this is the case, make changes in the environment. Put the cat away from these things, then try to bring them back gradually to see if this will help your cat become more relaxed. If your Ragdoll is always trying to get away from something, you may need to make changes in your home to help calm your Ragdoll.
  • Moreover, it’s essential to make sure your cat isn’t lonely. You can make a big difference in your Ragdoll’s behavior by spending time with her regularly.
  • Some cats have more sensitive stomachs than others, so try to keep them fed on the same schedule each day. Provide plenty of fresh water to drink, and use a non-detergent litter box to keep your cat’s environment clean.
  • Make sure your home is safe for your Ragdoll by keeping sharp objects away from your cat. If you notice your Ragdoll acting unusually aggressive, take it to your veterinarian right away.

Does Training Calm a Ragdoll Cat?

Yes, but only if you’re not over-rewarding it! The Ragdoll is a very loving cat, but it’s also sensitive. Though most have inherited the placid temperament the breed is known for, some may still be aggressive.

This means they have a strong will and tend to be dominant and aggressive towards other animals or humans if not properly trained. The good news is that with proper care and adjustments, your Ragdoll can live happily with any other cat, dog, or human.

In the end, the environment your cat lives in can factor into whether your cat is going to be friendly or dominant, and if you choose social, the rewards will be great.

Final Thoughts On; Why is My Ragdoll Cat So Mean?

ragdoll cat attack

Ragdolls are a sweet, calm breed of cat. They are affectionate and sensitive, making them ideal family pets. As with all cats, however, every once in a while, a Ragdoll may show signs of aggression, and that’s why it’s essential to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

If you are one of those asking, why is my Ragdoll cat so mean, and you realize it’s been acting strangely, you should seek help from a veterinarian. If you’re worried about your cat’s behavior, you can try to figure out what’s causing it. If your cat is not feeling threatened by something in the home, make some changes in the environment to make it more comfortable.

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