When Do Ragdoll Kittens Calm Down? + Calm-Down Tips!

When do Ragdoll kittens calm down, are Ragdoll kittens hyper when young, and at what stage do they settle down? Let’s learn all about Ragdoll cats’ temperament from the time they are young.

Ragdolls are known to be mellow cats. They adapt well when it comes to kids and other pets. They, come in a variety of colors and patterns, which is very convenient when buying a cat.

Ragdolls make good house pets because they enjoy cuddling and are affectionate. But when do those cute little kittens from your local pet store become the charming adult you would like them to be?

At about 8-12 months, they will settle down and are ready to be fully integrated into your household. But what is it like when they are young?

Are Ragdoll Kittens Hyper?

Ragdoll kittens are playful when young. They love playing with their mother and other cats and when you interact with them by petting them for a while or giving them some treats.

The younger Ragdoll kittens under two months are not playful as they tend to stay close to their mother almost all day. From the age of three months, Ragdoll kittens are very active as they are already weaned from their mother.

At this age, they are also ready to be thoroughly socialized when it comes to handling, which means that when you hold them in your hands for a while, they learn not to bite or scratch when playing or when angry.

Ragdoll kittens might seem hyperactive when young, but after 8-12 months, their activity level decreases.

When Do Ragdoll Kittens Calm Down?

So when do Ragdoll kittens calm down?  Just before one year of age, the kittens are calmer than when they were younger because they are maturing and beginning to pattern their behavior. You would notice that their personality is starting to be more apparent at this age.

They are playful when younger, but when they become adults, the best description would be affectionate. They love spending time by your side when you are doing something, watching TV, or even working at your computer since they love being near their owner and giving them some treats and attention when it’s feeding time.

Early training of your Ragdoll cat also helps them calm down faster. So when you introduce them to a scratching post when they are younger (when they start biting and scratching everything in sight), it will be easier for your cat to take notice when it gets older.

If you do not introduce them when young, it might be harder to train your cat when it comes to scratching something other than the furniture when they get older.

Other things that will help when training your Ragdoll kitten when it is young are not only making sure that there are no harmful objects around but also bringing her in contact with children and other animals when it’s young so it doesn’t become scared when older.

This also applies when people come into their house since this might scare or freak out your cat, which can cause problems later on because when they get older, they won’t want somebody entering their home when they’re alone.

Early socialization makes them feel at ease with both people and other pets. The best time to do this is when they are young because it might be more challenging since they will already know you and your family members when they get older.

How To Calm a Ragdoll Kitten Down?

Now that we have an idea of when do Ragdoll kittens calm down, how do you calm them down before they grow up?  You might feel overwhelmed when you get your new Ragdoll kitten. They could be playing when you are trying to make them eat or when they want attention, and it’s time for them to sleep.

At such moments, you need patience because when they become adult cats, Ragdolls like spending time by their owner’s side and spending hours sleeping on their owner’s bed or in the same place. Also if you provide them with some toys when they are young, once they become adults and already know how to play with them properly, this will be sufficient. Overall, they won’t be a bother once they grow up.

But before they grow up, what tricks can you use to calm them down?

  • Tip #1: Play with them

One of the simplest ways to calm down your cat is to engage in play. This will help your cat when it’s young because playing will tire her out, so it doesn’t have the energy to become disruptive or destructive anymore. Ideally, play with your cat in two 15-20 minute sessions a day.

  • Tip #2: Provide engaging toys

You can also use a laser light when young if you have one of those toys. This will tire your cat out, even more, when it chases after the light because this way, it will be chasing something specific and won’t be as distracted when it’s time for feeding.

  • Tip #3: Socialize your little kitten

You want to make sure that when your little one grows up, they will be at ease with strangers or when other pets come into the house. When older, they won’t be so scared to play with children or interact with other pets, or when someone new comes into the home when you are not there.


When do Ragdoll kittens calm down? Then when they grow up on their own, it won’t be hard for them to calm down when it’s time to rest or eat since that will only take a few minutes. Additionally, if you want some outlet for all that energy that your cat might have before getting older, you can play with him.

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Why is my Ragdoll kitten so energetic?

Ragdoll kittens are very energetic when they are young. When they get older, they won't be as destructive when it comes time to feed or when all their energy has gone, and they now can sleep like an angel.

When should I introduce my Ragdoll kitten to other animals?

Your cat must be socialized when young. You want to introduce any animals or people when she is still young when they are still small. This way, she will grow into a calm and happy adult (and not stressed out by new animals coming into her home).

How do I stop my Ragdoll kitten from biting?

Provide a toy to chew on when playing with your Ragdoll from when she is young. This will make them more relaxed when chewing on things around the house when they get older.

How old is a kitten when it calms down?

It all depends on when they were weaned when younger. For some, when they get older, around 9 weeks old, they already calm down. In contrast, when they start playing and when it's time for sleeping, others will still be a little hyper sometimes when getting older (usually this happens when the cat is an only child without siblings and isn't socialized with other pets). Most kittens will begin to calm down between 8-12 months old.

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