What Is A Mink Ragdoll Cat?

If you’ve been wondering what is a mink ragdoll, we’ve got everything you need to know right here!

Today we’re going to clear up any confusion about what a mink ragdoll cat is, including what it looks like and any temperament quirks and characteristics. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what is a mink ragdoll cat!

What Is A Mink Ragdoll?

A mink ragdoll is a particular type of ragdoll cat. A common misconception is that the term mink ragdoll describes a particular color or pattern of ragdoll cat or a separate breed of cat. However, all mink ragdolls are considered to be pure ragdoll cats, but they come from a very specific bloodline.

Ragdoll cats are a relatively new breed and have only been around since the 1960s. The founding bloodlines of this breed come from just a small handful of cats, carefully selected for their docile temperament and beautiful coloring. In fact, all Ragdoll cats can be traced back to a single female cat called Josephine, a longhaired white cat found roaming free in the suburbs of Riverside, California.

Another founding cat in the Ragdoll bloodlines was a black Burmese-type cat called Buckwheat. Over the initial years of creating the Ragdoll breed, Burmese cats played a huge role in the development of the appearance and characteristics of this cat as we know it today.

Burmese cats have a gene that lightens their naturally black coat, giving it a brownish color. They also have very dark points on the muzzle, legs, ears, and tail, with lighter bodies.

When Burmese cats such as Buckwheat were introduced into the Ragdoll bloodline, the mink bloodline was created. This consists of a unique combination of genes that creates the classic mink coloring.

These cats have the Burmese color dilution gene (CBC) and also the pointed color gene commonly found in ragdoll bloodlines. The result is a characteristic coat pattern that is only found in this bloodline of ragdoll cats.

What Does A Mink Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

Mink ragdoll cats have fur that is much smoother and denser than traditional ragdoll cats. And, for those of you who are already ragdoll fans, you’ll know just how silky all ragdoll cats are! Mink ragdolls take this to the next level, and as soon as you stroke one you will notice the difference.

Another big difference with mink ragdolls is their eye color. Traditional ragdoll cats are famed for their distinctive bright blue eyes, but mink ragdolls have a greenish tinge to their eye coloring. This aquamarine eye color is a combination of green and blue, like looking at the sea on a tropical island!

Whilst mink ragdoll cats can come in all the same colors as traditional ragdoll cats, they are normally pointed. The darker areas of fur on a mink ragdoll tend to be much more distinctive – like someone has taken a traditional ragdoll and turned up the contrast! Their coloring is richer and darker, giving them a very distinctive appearance.

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What Is A Mink Ragdoll Cat

One final but critical difference when it comes to mink ragdoll cats is their appearance when they are kittens. Traditional ragdoll cats are all born pure white, and develop their coloring as they grown older. Mink ragdoll cats will be born with colored fur, although this can deepen in tone as the kitten matures.

Although this is a very distinctive bloodline, it is not always easy to breed mink ragdoll cats. This is because, even when both parents are mink ragdolls, there is only a 50% chance that the kitten will inherit the specific set of genes required to create the characteristics and coloring of a mink cat.

Other kittens in the litter may be traditional ragdolls with pointed markings, and some will have pale sepia markings from the Burmese bloodline without pointed markings. Neither of these can be considered to be mink ragdolls, so if a breeder tells you that a kitten is 50% mink they are mistaken.

Summary – What Is A Mink Ragdoll?

So, as we have learned, a mink ragdoll cat is one that is descended from a particular bloodline of this breed, rather than a color of ragdoll cat. This bloodline occurs as a result of the genetic influence of the Burmese cat, which was introduced into ragdoll bloodlines when this breed was first created. A mink ragdoll cat will have a deeper, darker coat color than a traditional ragdoll cat, and will have a blue-green eye color.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what is a mink ragdoll cat! Have you been trying to find a mink ragdoll cat to join your feline family without any success? Or maybe you’ve got some interesting facts to share with us about your mink ragdoll cat? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


What's the difference between mink and traditional Ragdolls?

Mink ragdolls come from a specific bloodline which gives them a darker coat and pale green-blue eyes. They are also colored at birth, while traditional ragdoll kittens are born white.

What makes a Ragdoll a mink?

For a ragdoll cat to be mink, a specific set of genetic circumstances must occur. Both parents must be mink, and the kitten must inherit the Burmese coat lightening gene and the pointed color gene from its parents. Without both of these genes, the kitten is not a mink ragdoll.

How much does a mink Ragdoll cost?

Mink ragdolls are hard to breed, as there is no guarantee that two mink ragdoll parents will produce a mink ragdoll kitten. This can make them more expensive as they are often highly sought-after. However, some purists think that a traditional ragdoll cat has a higher value than a mink ragdoll.

What is the difference between a sepia and a mink Ragdoll?

A sepia ragdoll is one that has inherited the Burmese color lightening gene, but not the pointed coloring gene, which gives it a pale coat color but without the characteristic darker points of a mink ragdoll. A mink ragdoll will inherit both of these genes.

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