What Are Ragdoll Cats Like? – Their Unique Traits

What are Ragdoll cats like in their authentic true selves – like their personality, temperaments, traits, health and overall care, etc.

Ragdolls are sweet furry cats that love to hang around people following you around all day and love to cuddle. The Ragdoll cats are known for their blue eyes, patternless coats, and sociable nature. These big-boned are incredibly affectionate and love to smile.

Let’s look at what are Ragdoll cats like in the real sense before you adopt any of them.

What Are Ragdoll Cats Like? – Physical Traits And Appearance Of Ragdoll Cats?

Ragdoll cat has a round head and large body. Their eyes are big and beautiful with blue, emerald, or yellow shades. These attractive-looking big-boned and are very similar to that of the Himalayans.

These cats can weigh up to 12 pounds; they have large legs and paws with somewhat webbed feet. They are available in various colors, including chocolate, seal, blue, lilac, and even cream.

Their fur is long and silky, which is patternless. However, their fur color can change with age to a more golden shade. Ragdoll cats have a thick coat that requires regular grooming and attention from your side.

These require bathing them once a month using a gentle shampoo specially formulated. They shed their coat twice annually, so you will find hair all over the house, but this amount does not indicate their health issues.

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What Are Ragdoll Cats Like? – Their Temperament And Personality

Ragdolls have a very gentle and loving nature and are very affectionate. They love to be around people, and once they get attached to someone, they follow them around the house. That is why these cats are known as lap cats and enjoy sitting on anyone’s lap, including children and strangers too.

Ragdolls love playing games and do not mind whether you play with their tail or other body parts. These have a soft personalities, so handling them would never be an issue for you. You can easily teach them to walk on a leash.

Ragdolls are intelligent and docile creatures who love their owners immensely. They want to know what is happening around the house all the time and would follow you from room to room. However, these playful creatures will not attack or scratch if they do not get attention from your side.

What Are Ragdoll Cats Like – Their Health And Care?

Ragdolls have a strong immune system which means they hardly fall sick throughout their life span of 15 years. These furry cats experience a few health issues, including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, and hip dysplasia, but this does not indicate that you must give up on them.

The vet can diagnose any of these diseases from a young age to ensure better treatment and proper care of your pet. They require a regular diet plan that includes high-quality food, including whole grains and low-protein foods.

What Are Ragdolls Like? – Grooming Needs For Ragdoll Cats

Since Ragdolls have long coats, they require brushing at least 2 times a week to prevent matting and tangling. Their coat may require trimming, so they do not feel uncomfortable when playing outside with children or other pets. You can also cut their nails once or twice every month so that they do not scratch anyone.

They also shed their coat twice a year; hence, you will find many hairs all over the house, but this is part of the normal shedding process that helps maintain your cat’s beautiful, lustrous-looking coat. Make sure that you brush them at least three times a week to reduce the number of hairballs they produce, leading to vomiting and problems related to the stomach. If your cat swallows a lot of hair, it can cause intestinal issues and affect its digestive system.

Is Ragdoll The Right Cat For You?

Having learned what are Ragdoll cats like, it is essential to ask yourself if this dog is the right one for you. Considering its temperaments, physical looks, etc., this cat has a whole lot of fun to have around.

Ragdolls have long fur that you will find all over the house. These make great family pets as they rarely get sick, and kids love playing around them. They want to cuddle and do not mind sitting on people’s laps too.


what are ragdoll cats like

Ragdolls have a charming and playful nature; they enjoy playing games and do not mind if you play with their tails. They love attention and following you around the house.

These cats remain healthy throughout their life with few health issues that ensure better treatment of your pet when detected early.  A special dietary food plan including high-quality food including whole grains and low-protein foods is the best for this breed.

The most important thing is to make sure that this breed suits your lifestyle and you will take care of them accordingly.

Overall, a pet is one of the best friends you can spend time with at home and feel refreshed.  They have a wonderful way of bringing out the deep love we hold and making our lives happy to the core.  If you think your life is boring or lacks enthusiasm, adopt a pet and enjoy the smiles that come with it.

Ragdoll cat is one of the finest pets that will brighten up your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ragdoll cats more affectionate?

Ragdoll cats are extremely good pets with a loving nature. They love to spend time with their owners and follow them around. They are intelligent, docile in nature and never attack anyone without any reason.

What problems do Ragdoll cats have?

Ragdoll cats hardly face any problems except for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia and congenital heart disease. These diseases can be diagnosed early to provide better treatment.

Is Ragdoll a lap cat?

Ragdoll is an affectionate cat that loves to get on your lap and cuddle up cosily with you. Ragdoll cat is known as a lap cat because it loves to cuddle up with the owner or family members.

What is the friendliest cat breed?

Ragdoll is one of the friendliest breeds as it loves spending time with its owners and children around. It also gets along well with other pets making a great family pet.

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