Top Tips For Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat!

Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat

When it comes to picking up a ragdoll cat, these beautiful long-haired cats tend to enjoy cuddles much more than any other cat breed! But is there a special technique for picking up a ragdoll cat? And do they enjoy being picked up as much as they appear to? Let’s find out! Do Ragdoll Cats … Read more

Ragdoll Cat Going Limp – Causes & Useful Tips!

Ragdoll Cat Going Limp - The Causes

Have you ever known that a Ragdoll cat going limp is part of its lifestyle and it’s in no way sick or suffering from seizures? Well, we thought you should know especially if you are interested in keeping this cat. Ragdoll cats are called so because they go limp with pleasure when picked up like … Read more