Ultimate Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds Revealed!

If you’re a fan of fluffy cats, then ragdoll long haired cat breeds will be guaranteed to delight you! A long haired ragdoll cat would make a great addition to any family, as they are easy to care for and love to spend time with humans.

Let’s find out everything you need to know about ragdoll long haired cat breeds!

What Are Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds?

The Ragdoll is a relatively modern cat breed, and these magnificent cats are actually descended from street cats! In the 1960s a cat breeder in California adopted a longhaired white female cat that was roaming around her neighborhood. This cat, which was named Josephine, had a remarkably relaxed and affectionate nature which she passed on to all her offspring.

Josephine and her offspring were bred with other longhaired cats with similar temperaments, creating the ragdoll breed that we know and love today. Over the decades there has been little interbreeding with other cats, so the bloodlines have remained relatively pure to the original breed.

The Ragdoll is a large breed of cat, towering over the average domesticated house cat. They have distinctive blue eyes and long, silky coats. One of the most notable traits of this breed is its relaxed and lovable temperament, which is considered equally as important as the physical characteristics of the cat.

What Are Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds

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Can You Get Different Types Of Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds?

A purebred ragdoll cat will have certain traits and physical characteristics, but there are some bloodlines that exhibit slight differences. Within the ragdoll genes, there are certain variations that can occur, and these can significantly alter the appearance of the cat.

The main genes that can affect the appearance of a ragdoll cat are coat color genes and genes that alter the pattern and markings on the coat.

For example, the basic coat color of a ragdoll can be affected by one of four different coat patterns. The one that most people associate with ragdoll cats is the colorpoint pattern. This is a cat with a lighter colored body and darker points on the extremities – the ears, legs, tail, and face.

However, there are three other interesting coat patterns that can occur in ragdoll cats. A ragdoll with a mitted coat pattern will have white feet and a white stripe that extends from the chin to the belly. These cats often also have a white patch of hair on their face, which can be a blaze, hourglass, or star shape.

Bi-color ragdolls have a lot more white on their body than mitted ragdolls, and they also have a characteristic white marking on the face in the shape of an inverted ‘V’. This color pattern may also have some white on their backs.

And finally, you may come across a ragdoll cat with a van color pattern. These cats have very few areas of darker hair, mainly located on the forehead, ears, and tail.

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What Color Are Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds?

There are six basic coat colors of ragdoll cats, all of which can be affected by any pattern variations discussed previously. The color and pattern of ragdoll cats can also be affected by two different coat variations which cause shading of the coat.

Here are the basic coat colors of ragdoll cats, as they appear in a traditional colorpoint pattern:

  • Seal: Dark brown points and a warm cream-colored body. The nose and paw pads will be brown.
  • Chocolate: Pale ivory-colored body with medium brown points. The nose and paw pads are pale reddish-brown.
  • Red: White body with a reddish tinge, and points that range from bright ginger to deep red. The nose and paw pads are also red.
  • Lilac: The body is almost white, with pink-grey points. The nose and paw pads are pale pinks.
  • Cream: White body and cream points, with a slightly pink tinge. The nose and paw pads are pink.
  • Blue: Pale grey body with steel grey points. The nose and paw pads are dark grey.

All of these colors can be affected by the patterns we described above, as well as two different variations. One of these is the lynx variation, which gives a classic tabby striped appearance to the coat. The other is the tortoiseshell variation, which is only seen in female cats.

Are Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds Hard To Look After?

The ragdoll cat long hair requires some regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming matted and tangled. However, ragdolls shedding is not normally a big problem, because of their unusual coat structure.

Most longhaired cat breeds have a double-layered coat, with a thick, dense undercoat and a longer outer layer. The ragdoll cat does not have this undercoat, which is why it does not appear as fluffy as some other long haired cat breeds. Their coat consists only of the longer outer layer, giving them a sleek and incredibly soft coat.

Most ragdoll cats will groom themselves meticulously, but you will also need to give them a helping hand every now and again. A gentle grooming session twice a week with a soft brush will help keep their coats sleek, shiny, and free from tangles. Most cats enjoy being groomed as it also gives a massage and stimulates the circulation of blood around the skin.

Summary – Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds

So, as we have learned, when it comes to beautiful cats the ragdoll long haired cat breeds are one of the best in the world! These magnificent cats are much larger than the average domesticated cat and have beautiful long coat that feels soft and silky. The ragdoll cat has many attributes that make it a great family pet, and they love to spend as much time with their favorite humans as possible.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best ragdoll long haired cat breeds! Is the ragdoll your favorite breed of long haired cat? Or maybe you’ve got some questions about the best way to care for long-haired ragdoll kittens? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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