Top Tips For Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat!

When it comes to picking up a ragdoll cat, these beautiful long-haired cats tend to enjoy cuddles much more than any other cat breed! But is there a special technique for picking up a ragdoll cat? And do they enjoy being picked up as much as they appear to? Let’s find out!

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Being Picked Up?

Cats have a notorious reputation for being aloof and unsociable. Many cats do not like being picked up and some will not even let you stroke them. However, when it comes to the ragdoll cat breed, matters are very different indeed!

This is because the ragdoll is one of the friendliest and most good-natured cat breeds you will come across. In fact, this breed was bred specifically for this character trait, and the founding parents were selected for their good nature. So you will find that most ragdoll cats like being picked up and enjoying a cuddle.

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Being Picked Up

Not only do ragdoll cats like being picked up, but they also become incredibly relaxed in the arms of their favorite humans. This leads to them becoming very floppy, a trait that these cats are famous for. If your ragdoll cat becomes floppy and relaxed when you pick him up, you can be fairly certain that he is enjoying this interaction.

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Top Tips For Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat

While your ragdoll cat may appear to like being picked up, it is important to do this correctly to make sure he is safe from harm. It is all too easy to injure or frighten a cat by picking it up incorrectly, which may lead to it becoming reluctant to come for a cuddle in your arms in the future.

The first thing to think about when picking up a ragdoll cat is how you pick him up from the floor. It is better to crouch down to floor level and pick the cat up towards your chest using both arms. You should use one arm to support the weight of his rear end, and the other to hold him in securely a cuddling motion around his front end.

You can either remain in this crouching position with your cat, or gently stand or move to a seated position. Keep any movement smooth and gentle to avoid startling your cat. Speak to him calmly and quietly to help him remain relaxed.

Once your ragdoll cat is safely in your arms in a comfortable position, you may find that he starts to become floppy. These cats are famous for this behavior, and will become so relaxed that their legs, head and tail tend to flop out over your arms. Whilst this behavior is adorable, it does put your cat at risk of falling, so be ready to take a firmer hold if it feels like he is slipping out of your arms.

When the time comes to put your cat down, do not let him jump out of your arms as he may sustain an injury. Return to a crouching position and gently extend your arms to place him back on the floor. Don’t forget to give him a stroke and a fuss to reward him for a lovely cuddle!

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What To Do If Your Cat Does Not Like Being Picked Up

If at any point the cat feels like he is struggling or starts to feel tense in your arms, this is a sign that he is not comfortable with being picked up. Not all cats enjoy being picked up, and it is unfair to try and force a cat to be picked up when it is uncomfortable with the situation.

Never be tempted to hang onto a cat that is struggling in this situation as you will make his panic even worse. Put him down on the floor as quickly and safely as possible and try and give him a gentle pet to make him feel relaxed with the human touch.

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Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat

Summary – Picking Up A Ragdoll Cat

So, as we have learned, picking up a ragdoll cat for a cuddle is one of the great joys of having this beautiful cat breed as part of your family! Most ragdoll cats enjoy being picked up and have a tendency to go very floppy and relaxed when cuddled. However, not all cats enjoy being picked up, so it is vital to make sure that your ragdoll cat feels safe, secure, and comfortable in your arms.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the best technique for picking up a ragdoll cat! Does your ragdoll cat enjoy being picked up, or does he tend to panic and try and run away? Maybe you’ve taught your ragdoll cat a special trick, such as jumping up into your arms for a cuddle? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!


What happens when you pick up a Ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are very affectionate and good-natured and generally enjoy being picked up and cuddled by humans. This cat breed is renowned for its strange and unusual character trait, which means it goes very floppy when picked up.

Do all Ragdoll cats go limp when picked up?

Not all ragdoll cats go limp and floppy when picked up, but most of them do. This cat breed was specially developed for its cuddly nature as well as its striking good looks. Fans of this cat breed will tell you how much they enjoy being picked up and how they will go limp and floppy in your arms.

How do I bond with my Ragdoll kitten?

Ragdoll cats are very good-natured and they tend to bond easily with humans. Spend plenty of time with your kitten and allow him to become accustomed to your smell as well as the sound of your voice. Let him cuddle up to you and spend time playing with him each day.

Why does my cat go floppy when I pick him up?

If your cat goes floppy when you pick him up, this is normally a sign that he is enjoying it. Some cat breeds have a tendency to go floppy more than others, such as the ragdoll.

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