The Persian Ragdoll Mix Kittens – Aww!

The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens are a result of mixing the standard Ragdoll and Persian cat, creating an interesting breed.

They are a very popular cat breed today, some people have taken it upon themselves to create new breeds by mixing the two. Some of these are more successful than others.

Some of these are also known as Ragdoll x Persian. The Ragdoll x Persian is a common combination, but many other combinations are being created. Some of these are very successful, while others are not.

The Persian Ragdoll Mix Kittens – Parents

The Persian Breed

The Persian cat breed has a very long history and is the oldest of all domestic cats. The Persian was originally bred to be an exotic pet for the wealthy. They were a favorite among royalty as Queen Victoria adored the breed.

Persian cats are also known for being loving, affectionate, and very smart. Kittens may have different personalities from when they are born until they reach adulthood.

This breed has become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The popularity of this breed is due to its unique features, such as a large, flat face, small ears, and long whiskers. Persians are usually considered to be friendly, laid-back, intelligent, and well-mannered.

It grows up to an average height of about 8-10 inches tall with a weight of approximately 8-12 pounds.

The Ragdoll Cat Breed

The Ragdoll cat breed was developed by breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s to produce a friendly and playful cat with a distinctive appearance.

The Ragdoll is very sociable, highly affectionate, playful, and has a unique personality. The Ragdoll’s coat can be chocolate, red, seal, blue, lilac, or cream. The breed has a soft, medium-length coat and blue eyes. It weighs up to 20 pounds and stands approximately 9-11 inches tall.

The Persian Ragdoll Mix Kittens


A Persian Ragdoll is a cross between a Persian cat and a Ragdoll cat. They are sometimes referred to as Rag-a-Per or Perdoll. They are generally large with long, luscious coats.

They have fluffy tails and often exhibit Ragdoll markings on their ears. These kittens are usually born with a thick coat and will be quite fluffy. The Ragdoll kittens are very playful and love to play with their siblings.

They are very loving and playful, which makes them excellent family pets. The Persian x Ragdoll kittens come out with a full coat and fluffy tail. They usually have the markings of Ragdoll on their ears, and the coat can come in various colors. They often exhibit the best qualities of both breeds and can make wonderful family cats own.


The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens have a generally friendly personality and are very curious. They are very playful and love to play with toys. They are usually active and enjoy chasing toys and other kittens.

The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens can be very affectionate and playful and are excellent with children and adults alike. They are gentle and docile and will often follow their owners around, looking for attention.

They have a laid-back nature and are good at relaxing, but also like to run around and play. They are happy to share their toys and will make great family pets.

What Is A Persian Ragdoll

The growth rate

The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens grow as fast as their parents, but they may not grow quite as large. The kittens’ size will vary by the individual cat but they will typically weigh between 15-20 pounds. A cat’s weight at birth is usually between 3-5 ounces.

Grooming and exercises

The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens require regular grooming to keep them clean and hygienic. Grooming is important to prevent the development of infections such as ringworm, mange, ear mites, etc.

Grooming is also important for socialization purposes. If they are not groomed regularly, the kittens may develop a habit of scratching, which could lead to skin conditions and even skin abscesses. Regularly grooming is also important to get rid of shedding hair and to prevent mats.

Exercise is also important to this cat breed as they will need to stay fit and become obese. Exercise is necessary to keep their blood circulating well, to help control their weight, and prevent them from becoming obese.

The Persian Ragdoll mix cat breeds are known for being very active and love to play. Therefore, they must have enough space to move around and not be kept in a small, confined space. It is also important that they have plenty of toys to play with and for them to chase.

Final Thoughts On Persian Ragdoll Mix Kittens

The Persian Ragdoll mix kittens stand out as a unique breed that you will love. If you are looking for a kitten that is sweet, loving, and playful, they will definitely be the best choice. They also happen to be one of the cutest breeds around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ragdoll breed with Persian?

Yes, Ragdoll cats can be breed wit Persians. The mixes are commonly known as Rag-a-Per or Perdoll.

What Is A Persian Ragdoll?

A Persian Ragdoll is a Ragdoll crossed with a Persian. They make great cats to own as they are affectionate and have beautiful coats.

How Long Do Persian Ragdoll Felines Live?

Persian Ragdolls typically live a long time. The life expectancy of a Ragdoll is about 15 years.

Which is bigger Ragdoll or Persian?

The size of the Persian Ragdoll is smaller than the Ragdoll. Ragdolls generally weigh up to 20 pounds and Persians generally weigh up to 12 pounds.

How much is a Ragdoll Persian cat?

A Persian Ragdoll mix kitten is usually sold between $200 and $600 but could go higher depending on the breeder.

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