Orange Ragdoll Cat Price And Characteristics Explained

Buying a ragdoll cat can be expensive, and if you are considering buying an orange ragdoll cat price will be a big factor! Orange ragdoll cats are incredibly beautiful and can make great family pets. Let’s take a look at orange ragdoll cat price and characteristics to help you decide what color kitten you should bring into your family home!

What Is An Orange Ragdoll Cat?

The world of ragdoll cat colors is a fascinating topic, with many different names used to describe different colors, markings, and patterns! To learn about orange ragdoll cats we first need to understand what the basic colors of ragdoll cats are.

Ragdoll cats have three basic coat colors – red, seal, and chocolate. If they also carry a coat color dilution gene, these colors will be lightened to cream, lilac, and blue.

This base coat color can then be influenced by three different patterns – colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor – as well as either lynx or tortoiseshell variations.

So, where do orange ragdoll cats come into it? Well, the word orange is used to describe ragdoll coat colors and variations based on the red coat color. Because the coat of a ragdoll cat can vary in shade across the body, this red color often more resembles orange.

This orange-red coloring comes from a pigment called pheomelanin, which is very dense in the darker fur on the paws, ear tips, and other points. Here it can appear a dark orange color, whereas on lighter body hair it will be a pale orange.

Cream ragdoll cats also have this pigment, but it is much lighter. This will give them a tiny hint of orange to their fur, which may become lighter or darker through the seasons.

The most common combination of coat colors, markings, and patterns seen in orange ragdoll cats are:

  • Pure red ragdolls with solid colored points
  • Cream ragdolls with solid-colored points
  • Red or cream lynx ragdolls, which have tabby stripes of darker fur on the points
  • Red or cream bicolor ragdolls, which have patches of white fur overlapping the points

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Are Flame Ragdoll Cats The Same As Orange Ragdoll Cats?

The term flame point, fire point, or flame ragdoll cats is used to describe a specific type of orange ragdoll cat coloring. This is a cat with red base coat coloring, giving it deep orange pigmentation in the point fur. The result is a striking flame-like effect to the fur, with a lighter orange or sheen to the body hair.

The good news is that flame ragdoll cats are accepted for show quality by breed societies and the ragdoll breed standard. So, if you are lucky enough to get a flame ragdoll cat, it will be eligible to enter competitions and shows.

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Orange Ragdoll Cat Price

Can You Get An Orange Tabby Ragdoll Cat?

An orange tabby ragdoll cat is technically a red or cream ragdoll with a lynx coat variation. The lynx variation creates the characteristic stripes seen on the coats of tabby-colored cats, and it will have the same effect on the darker areas of hair on a ragdoll cat.

This means that you will normally only be able to see the striped markings on the points of the cat, where the coat pigmentation is darkest. The body may be very pale, particularly if the cat has a cream base coat color, and the stripes may not be visible. The ear tips, tail, legs, and muzzle are commonly darker and will have a striped appearance.

In the world of cats, the word orange is not normally used to describe the color of a cat – we are more used to hearing them called ginger! The ginger tabby is the classic male cat color, but in the ragdoll, this turns orange due to the temperature sensitivity of the pigment-producing cells in their coats. This is why ragdoll cats have darker fur at their extremities, where the temperature of the skin tends to be colder.

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Orange Ragdoll Cat Price Range

There are many factors that affect the orange ragdoll cat price range, and the color is just one of them. Some colors of ragdoll cats are more highly sought after, particularly when combined with specific patterns or variations.

Flame ragdoll cats tend to attract a higher price tag, as do those with lynx markings. Orange ragdoll cats based on cream coat coloring are not so distinctive and may be available more cheaply.

However, as well as the color, you will need to take into account the pedigree of the cat, as well as its overall physical appearance and demeanor. A cat that ranks highly on the breed standard scale will be more expensive, as it becomes more desirable to other breeders as well as pet owners. The personality of a ragdoll is considered to be just as important as its appearance, so one with a calm and friendly nature will be highly sought after.

Orange Ragdoll Cat Price Range

Another factor to consider is if the cat is eligible for registration with ragdoll breed societies in your region. This is particularly important if you want to take part in ragdoll cat shows, competitions, and exhibitions. The breeder should be able to provide you with all the relevant paperwork to register your kitten if this has not already been done.

Summary – Orange Ragdoll Cat Price

So, as we have learned, the orange ragdoll cat price will depend not only on the color of the cat but also the pedigree of the parents and the type of markings the cat has. An orange ragdoll is one with red or cream base coat coloring, which may be either pure in color or has lynx patterning or bicolor markings. The term flame ragdoll cat is used to describe one with deep orange coloring to their point fur, which occurs as a result of intense pheomelanin pigmentation.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the orange ragdoll cat price and characteristics! Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful flame ragdoll cat as part of your home? Or maybe you are struggling to find an orange ragdoll cat to bring into your feline family? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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