Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix Explained!

If you’re thinking about bringing a new cat into your home, you might consider getting a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix. This unusual cross-breed has some interesting features that make it a quirky and fun household pet. Let’s take a look at what a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix might look like!

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix Appearance

Norwegian forest cats and ragdoll cats are both larger breeds of cat, normally bigger in size than the average domesticated cat. Both breeds of cat can weigh up to 20 pounds and can stand up to 12 inches tall. This means that a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix is going to be larger than a normal cat.

Both of these breeds of cat are also strong and muscular. They have sturdy bodies with a large frame and wide chest. They are both quite athletic, but the Norwegian forest cat can climb and jump much higher than a ragdoll.

If you cross a ragdoll cat with a Norwegian forest cat, you will get a litter of kittens that are not only larger in size and other than a normal domesticated cat, but also very muscular and athletic.

The main difference between ragdoll cats and Norwegian forest cats lies in their face shape. Ragdoll cats have a wedge-shaped face with a flat skull and pronounced chubby cheeks. Their nose is relatively short, although they are not a flat-faced breed.

Norwegian Forest cats have a triangular head shape single, similar to a Maine Coon. They have a long straight nose and flat forehead. This cat is very regal in appearance.

When these two breeds across together, there is no guarantee what the facial appearance will turn out like. This cross-breed may have the aristocratic appearance of a Norwegian forest cat, or the cute and cuddly face of a ragdoll. Most kittens will be somewhere in between, although there will be variations within each litter.

One thing that both these breeds have in common is an abundance of fur! The ragdoll cat has a long coat that is soft and silky. Unlike most long-haired cat breeds, they do not have an undercoat, which means they do not require as much grooming and tend to shed less hair.

Norwegian Forest Cats also have a long coat, but they have a thick undercoat, which is dense and water resistant. They have thick tufts of hair on the ears and paws, a dense layer of fur surrounding the face, and a long bushy tail. Both the ragdoll and the Norwegian forest cats come in a variety of different colours and markings.

Both these cat breeds have luxurious long and dense coats, you can guarantee that a cross breed between them will be one very hairy cat! The Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix will require a lot of regular grooming to prevent the coat from becoming matted and tangled.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix Personality

Both of these breeds of cats have similar personality traits. They are calm, gentle, friendly and enjoy spending time with humans and other cats. However, the Ragdoll is much more dependent on human company than the Norwegian forest cat.

Another thing that these two breeds have in common is their high level of intelligence. They love to play and have fun and enjoy interacting with humans and other cats. The Ragdoll is thought to be slightly more intelligent as they are able to be trained and can understand basic commands.

When it comes to a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix, it is highly likely that you will get a docile and lovable cat. It is hard to tell if it will be highly dependent on human company or not, as this is very variable between the two breeds. Both breeds are great with children, making them fantastic family pets.

As with all cross breeds, there is no guarantee as to what your Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix will turnout like. However, these cats are so similar in terms of personality and appearance that they should be highly compatible.

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix Personality


So, as we have learned, a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix has many adorable features that make them a popular household pet. This cross breed tends to be larger than the average domesticated cat, with an athletic body covered in a long, dense coat. In terms of personality, both of these breeds are docile, friendly and love to spend time with humans, making this cross breed ideal as a family pet.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on cross breeds such as the Norwegian forest cat Ragdoll mix! Have you ever come across this unusual cross-breed of cat, or do you think it is a bad idea to cross pedigree breeds in this way? Perhaps you’re considering getting a Norwegian forest cat ragdoll mix kitten and have some questions about the best way to look after it? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


Are Norwegian Forest Cat cuddly?

Norwegian Forest cats are sociable cats that enjoy spending time with humans. They bond well with people and most of them are very cuddly. However, cuddliness is not guaranteed in any cat, whatever the breed!

How can you tell a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Norwegian Forest cats have a very distinctive facial appearance. They have a triangular facial shape similar to a Maine Coon, with long, tufted hair on the ears. They also have a characteristic ruff of hair around the neck.

Are Norwegian Forest Cats bigger than Maine Coon?

Norwegian Forest cats are slightly smaller than a Maine Coon. Whilst they are big and athletic cats, they have a more slender body than the Maine Coon. Norwegian forest cats can weigh up to 20 pounds and stand up to 12 inches high.

Do Norwegian Forest cats make good pets?

Norwegian Forest cats have a lovely personality and make great pets. They are docile, friendly and like spending time with humans. However, they are not dependent on human company and are generally fine to be left on their own for a few hours at a time.

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