How To Choose The Best Male Ragdoll Cat For Breeding

If you are thinking of getting a male ragdoll cat for breeding, it is important to select one that meets the breed standard in terms of both appearance and behavior.

Ragdoll cats are famed for their placid, loving temperament as well as their distinctive appearance, and if you plan on breeding ragdoll kittens you should aim to produce the best ones possible.

Is Breeding Ragdoll Cats A Good Idea?

Breeding a few litters of ragdoll kittens can be very tempting – not only are these little bundles of fluff absolutely adorable, but they can also command a considerable price tag! But cat breeding is a specialist past-time that should not be undertaken lightly and without serious consideration.

The reason for this is that even the most adorable kitten can end up abandoned, homeless, or in a rescue shelter. This is why reputable breeders always check out potential homes for their new kittens carefully, to make sure they are suitable and fully committed to providing a life-long home to their new feline family member.

There are also certain other responsibilities that come with breeding ragdoll cats. The first of these is to only breed from cats that meet the breed standard and that are in peak condition for breeding. You will also need to ensure that your breeding cats have all the appropriate pre-breeding health checks, as well as the best possible care both during and after the breeding process.

Is Breeding Ragdoll Cats A Good Idea

Breeding cats is never something that should be done for fun, and most reputable cat breeders will tell you that there is very little profit to be made in breeding ragdolls. They do it for the love of this magnificent breed, with the aim of preserving and enhancing the unique characteristics that are so adored in ragdoll cats.

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How To Choose A Male Ragdoll Cat For Breeding

If you have a female cat that you would like to breed from, it is important to choose the perfect male ragdoll cat for breeding with her. There are many factors that you will need to take into consideration in order to select the perfect mate.

When it comes to ragdoll cats, breeders consider the temperament of the cat to be equally as important as its appearance. These cats are famed for their affectionate nature, and they often prefer the company of humans to other cats. When breeding ragdoll cats, you should aim to pair two friendly and lovable cats to continue this character trait.

You should also make sure that both parents are as close to the breed standard as possible. They do not need to be perfect, but they should be as close as possible.

This means that you may approach a breeder with a male ragdoll cat and they may refuse to let him mate with your female ragdoll cat. Try not to be offended if this occurs – it just means that your female is not ideal breeding stock, and it is better to know that before you attempt to breed from her. Some things are best left to the experts, and that includes breeding ragdoll cats!

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Male Ragdoll Cat For Breeding

What Makes A Good Male Ragdoll Cat For Breeding?

A good male ragdoll cat for breeding will need to have all the character traits and appearance that make this breed so special. He must be cuddly, floppy, and adore spending time with humans. He should also meet the breed standard in terms of coat color, patterns, and variations, and be physically fit and strong.

While your male ragdoll cat may seem like the perfect mate, it is important to think carefully before embarking on a cat breeding enterprise. The life of a breeding cat is very different from that of a pet cat and you may find your lovely male ragdoll is not best suited to this lifestyle.

A male ragdoll cat for breeding will need to mate with more than one female per year, otherwise, he may become frustrated. Breeding cats are not normally kept as pets, as they are not suited to a home environment. Most reputable breeders will retire their cats from breeding after three or four years, and they can then be rehomed as family pets.

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How Big Do Male Ragdolls Get?

Male ragdoll cats are larger than females, and the average male ragdoll weight is between 15 and 20 pounds. This cat breed is slow to mature, with a male ragdoll kitten taking around two years to reach maturity.

When fully grown, a male ragdoll cat will stand between 16 and 26 inches tall. This is one of the larger breeds of cat and will dwarf the average domesticated cat. This beautiful breed looks majestic as it strolls around the house or lounges on your furniture!

Their large size is one of the reasons why ragdoll cats are adored by cat lovers and can be highly sought after. This means that they are often more expensive than other types and breeds of cats, tempting many owners to start breeding them. However, cat breeding is not as easy or fun as it might sound, and comes with many complications and responsibilities.

Summary – Male Ragdoll Cat For Breeding

So, as we have learned, when choosing a good male ragdoll cat for breeding there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Firstly, the cat should have a pedigree and be registered with a ragdoll breed society. It must also be a good example of the breed and fulfill all the criteria of the breed standard. Breeding cats is not a past-time that should be undertaken lightly, as it is vital to ensure that the best quality kittens are produced and that they only go to loving, life-long homes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good male ragdoll cat for breeding. Are you tempted to breed from your female ragdoll cat but are struggling to find a suitable male to mate with her? Or perhaps you think that cat breeding is a bad idea and that we should be adopting them from shelters instead? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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