Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion? 

If you are looking to adopt a Ragdoll cat, are you wondering do Ragdoll cats need a companion or if they are good to go when raised alone?

Ragdoll cats are very social cats. They live in family groups and enjoy being with other cats.  The truth is that Ragdolls don’t always need company.

But if your cat is not social, there are lots of ways you can help her adjust to their new life. Ragdolls love to be part of a family group. If your home has a number of cats or dogs, then Ragdoll cats will happily live together.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion? 

If your home does not have a number of cats or dogs, then a single Ragdoll cat may be best for you. But the truth is that even a single Ragdoll cat needs companionship. Companion pets are great together. If your cat is not used to having a companion, you will need to work hard to help her adjust.

If your Ragdoll cat is a little shy, she may find it difficult to get used to company. She may be better off living with another pet friend than alone. Ragdolls love to play and will enjoy spending time with other cats.

They are usually happy to play and spend time with each other. But they also love to play with toys.  They like to play with toys that are similar to their own toys.  They will play with their favorite family member and other toys that have an attachment to them.

Overall, do Ragdoll cats need a companion? Yes, it’s important to provide companions for your cat instead of raising them alone.

Companion Cats Need A Lot Of Socialization

If you live with other pets, make sure your cat gets along with them.  Cats can have a difficult time making new friends if they have been shut up in a house for too long. If your Ragdoll cat is an indoor cat, make sure she has the opportunity to spend some time outdoors.

Get her used to people and other animals when she is young.  Let her get used to being around children and other cats.  Make sure she knows how to be comfortable around different types of people.

If you have several cats in your home, you may want to think about getting another cat to keep your Ragdoll happy.  This will help you all get along.  It will also make your Ragdoll feel more at home.

A Ragdoll is a great companion for any other cat.  She loves to play and will enjoy spending time with another cat and this makes it clear do Ragdoll cats need a companion?  Yes they do!

They need exercise

Companion cats need lots of exercises. They need to run around and play. Companions should have a variety of toys available to play with, so they can keep themselves busy. It is important for companion cats to play with toys that are similar to the toys they use in their home.

Cats like to play with toys they know how to use. Toys should be durable and tough, but not so rough that they break easily. Cats also need to stretch out and relax.

Companions should have an area where they can nap or stretch out and relax. This will help them feel good about themselves and will make them more comfortable.

They also need to spend some time alone!

Companion cats need to get enough rest and relaxation to stay healthy and happy. Companions should have a safe place to sleep, away from the family, where they can enjoy the quiet and peace of being alone. Even though they love spending time with their companions, its best to give them some time alone to be quiet and rest. Companion cats that do not get time alone can get aggressive and scratch or bite.

Companions should not be allowed to sleep in areas where they are used to!

If you bring in a new pet, provide a new sleeping area or them.  Do not try to move one of the companion pets away from their sleeping area to put the new pet there.  There will be a rivalry and they will fight or the new one will be hurt by the old pet.

Make sure that your pets have a comfortable bed and a clean blanket.  The bed can be a large soft bed, a small crate with a towel for bedding or even a crate with a sleeping bag on it.  Make sure that they have plenty of water to drink. Make sure that they have food and water bowls, for each pet.

Do Ragdolls have separation anxiety


So do Ragdoll cats need a companion?  Yes, it is necessary for your Ragdoll to have a companion since they will grow together and learn how to socialize with other pets. The companion can either be a  cat or a dog depending on what the pet owner wants.

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Is it better to have one or two Ragdoll cats?

This is a very personal question whereby only a pet lover can answer.  Some pet lovers prefer to have only one while others want many.

Do Ragdoll cats get on with other cats?

Yes. Ragdolls are very social and enjoy the company of other cats. They are not as much a lap cat as they are a play cat. Ragdolls are very friendly and affectionate towards other cats and children, and they get along really well.  However, they do not like being picked up or held in a way that is not natural.

Is my Ragdoll lonely?

Your Ragdoll cat could be lonely if you notice they always want your attention or want to stay with you all the time. If they are shy, they may be trying to hide from other cats and/or dogs. You can help them out by bringing them into the house. If you have a home that is quiet, it will help them feel more secure. It’s best to not let them roam around when you are not home as they may get lost or attacked by other animals.

Do Ragdolls have separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is common in Ragdoll cats. They can become very upset if left alone for long periods of time. They don’t like being left out or alone. They may even jump on the bed, or try to get into your lap, even though you are sleeping. They may even start scratching and biting themselves. You should never leave them alone for long periods of time, because they may hurt themselves. You should keep them with you at all times, especially during the day. If you don’t feel safe keeping them with you at night, it’s best to get them a safe place to stay in the house or find someone that can take care of them for you.

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