Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats? How Friendly Are They?

Do Ragdoll cats get along with other cats or are they always fighting other cat breeds because they don’t like being around them?

The Ragdoll breed is a popular feline breed. They were developed in the 20th century and are known for their soft, silky fur. The Ragdoll breed has a variety of different colors including chocolate, red, seal, blue, lilac, and cream.

Ragdolls are very affectionate and friendly, making them great cats to own. In this article, we will discuss the behavior of Ragdolls in social settings.

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats? 

In general, Ragdolls get along well with other cats. The only time that Ragdolls may have an issue with another cat is if the two cats are both unneutered males. Unneutered males may fight each other, they are territorial animals and will fight if they come into contact. However, all cats can show signs of being territorial and it depends on the individual cats if they will get along with others.

How To Help Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Ragdolls are very friendly and affectionate cats. They are also very playful and like to climb. However, some Ragdolls can be quite independent. If you have a cat that doesn’t get along well with other cats, it’s important to teach your Ragdoll how to get along.

Do Ragdoll cats need another cat?

How do you do this?

By understanding the behavior of other cats and yourself, you will know how to teach your Ragdoll to get along with others. Ragdolls tend to be more tolerant of cats that are similar in size and personality to themselves.

If you have two or more Ragdoll cats that don’t get along, one way to start is to separate them.  This way, they will not feel threatened or frightened by the other cat.  When you’re ready, let them back together.

More tips:

  • Playtime. Playing is the most important thing for cats. It helps them socialize and exercise their instincts.  Playtime is also a great way to teach your cat new things like new games and skills.  Make sure you keep playtime fun and safe. Introduce playtime together as early as possible.  Playtime helps cats learn social skills like playing and communicating.
  • Get as many toys as you can. If your Ragdoll cats are still kittens, you can use a toy to teach them to play.  You can also introduce toys that are more challenging for the older cats to play with.  If you’re introducing toys, make sure the new toys are safe for your cats.
  • Think of activities you can do together with your cats to enable them to grow closer together like interactive toys, feeding them close to each other, and training them together.
  • Training. Introducing your cat to training will help him learn what you expect from him and how to follow commands.  You can train your cat to sit and stay, come, walk on a leash, and even be taught tricks.  Start training with your cat when he’s a kitten.  Use positive reinforcement, such as praise or treats, to teach your cat new behaviors.
  • Feeding your Ragdoll cat on a schedule will help him understand how to eat.  Ideally, feed your Ragdoll cat at least twice daily at the same time every day.  Be sure to feed your cat the recommended amount of food based on their age and weight.  This will encourage your cat to eat slowly and enjoy his meal.
  • Encourage good grooming so the cats don’t hurt each other with their nails.  Clipping your cat’s nails regularly is important to prevent self-injury or damage to your home. Keep their coats brushed well and bathe them regularly to eliminate all dirt and keep them clean.  Cats get irritated by dirty smells and could get irritated by a cat that has a smelly odor.

Overall to help your Ragdoll cat get along with other cats, allow them to play even though they fight, they will soon grow out of it. No two cats fight every day for the rest of their lives. Eventually, they learn to get along.

In Summary – Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

As the pet owner, do everything it takes to see your pets living in harmony so that the next time someone asks do Ragdoll cats get along with other cats, you know what advice to give them.

To some, it takes more work than for others, but you have to do it if you want the best relationship with your cat.  Ragdoll cats are great companions. They make great pets, especially because they are easy to train and love to be petted.  The first thing you need to decide is how much time and effort you want to spend on your cat’s social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ragdoll cats need another cat?

Ragdoll cats can benefit from the companionship of another cat but it is not always neccessary. If your cat is alone for long periods of time they can get lonely and bored. Ragdoll cats are very social animals so they need to be able to play and interact with others in their lives. If your cat is a solitary cat, then you may want to consider getting another cat.

Are Ragdoll cats aggressive to cats?

Ragdolls are a gentle breed of cats that is not aggressive to other cats.  However, if you get one as a pet and it starts attacking other cats, then this is a sign that your pet may be aggressive and you need to tame it through training.

Can Ragdoll cats be left alone during the day?

Yes, most cats are independent and will do just fine left alone during the day as long as they have food and water. Some Ragdolls can live outdoors and some love to be kept indoors. It depends on the individual cat.

How do you introduce a ragdoll cat?

The best way to introduce a new cat is to leave them alone for a few days, so they will feel safe and comfortable with their new home. They may explore the area for a few days and see if they like it before introducing them to other cats. 

When introducing cats to each other, take your time. Use a pet gate or a screen door so they can see each other first. Make the experience positive for your cats.

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