Do Ragdoll Cats Change Colors? Incredible Ragdoll Color Facts Revealed!

Is it a myth, or do ragdoll cats change colors?! It might sound like a crazy idea, but there is some truth behind this commonly quoted fact. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the fascinating world of ragdoll coat colors!

Do Ragdoll Cats Change Colors?

One of the most beautiful things about ragdoll cats is their beautiful coat. They come in many different coat colours and patterns, and have characteristic dark areas around the face, ears, tail, and legs, called pointing. Ragdolls are a semi long-haired type of cat with a luxurious long silky coat that is not too dense and thick.

You may have seen ragdoll cats in many different beautiful colours, but what many people don’t realise is their coat colour actually changes over time. That coat can become lighter or darker from one season to the next, and as they mature, the overall colour can change.

The reason for this is a genetic mutation which affects the level of pigment production in the coat of the cat. Pigment is what determines the colour of each individual hair. More pigment means a stronger, deeper color, whilst less pigment means lighter hair.

In ragdoll cats, this genetic production affects the amount of pigment produced dependent on the body temperature of the cat. At lower body temperatures, more pigment is produced, but as the temperature increases less and less pigment occurs.

This means that in warmer weather, ragdoll cats will be generally be lighter in color, and in cooler weather their coat will become darker. This change is not instantaneous and may take weeks or even months to become apparent.

The fact that body temperature affects the coat color of ragdoll cats may also explain why they are not the same colour over the entirety of the body. The hair on the body tends to be lighter which is where the body temperature is higher. The extremities such as the paws, tail, and ears, which have a lower temperature, tend to be darker.

What Color Are Ragdoll Kittens?

Do Ragdoll Cats Change Colors? Not only do ragdoll cats change color according to the temperature and seasons, but they also experience gradual changes over their lifetime. In fact, the vast majority of ragdoll kittens are born completely white! As it grows older, it will begin begin to develop dark colored areas of fur in the extremities, such as the face, tips of the ears, and tail.

As the kitten gets older, these darker areas will expand to show the true coat pattern of the cat. Many ragdoll cats also develop dark hair on the body, but they will always have darker hair on the extremities.

A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home

Once the cat has developed its full coat colour, the changes over the years will be less extreme. However, ragdoll cats do tend to become darker and darker as they age, and the patches of dark hair will become larger. Very old ragdoll cats may also become speckled with white hair throughout the coat.

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Do All Ragdoll Cats Change Color?

In some ragdoll cats, this color change may be very pronounced, whilst in others, you may notice very little difference at all. The extent of the color change depends on many factors, including the local climate where the cat lives, and the genes it inherits from its parents.

Indoor cats that live in the same temperature all year round may not change color at all. Cats that go outside, or those that experience extreme changes in temperature in their indoor environment, will exhibit a more prominent coat color change.

The base coat color of the cat will also affect the extent to which the coat changes color over time. Ragdoll cats come in many beautiful colors and shades, and some of these have a higher proportion of dark hair than others. Cats that have a coat color that has a higher proportion of dark hair will naturally become darker as they age.

It is not always easy to tell what color a ragdoll cat is going to be when it is mature. An experienced breeder may be able to identify the base coat color of a kitten, but this is not guaranteed. One thing you can be sure of when taking on a ragdoll kitten is that you will get a beautiful cat whatever the coat color!

Do All Ragdoll Cats Change Color

Summary – Do Ragdoll Cats Change Colors?

So as we have learned, the answer to the question of do ragdoll cats change colors is yes, they certainly do! Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and develop their darker color as they grow older. In the adult cat, this color will change according to the seasons as it is affected by the body temperature of the cat.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on do ragdoll cats change colors! Are you intrigued to find out what color your ragdoll cat is going to be? Or perhaps you’d like some tips on how to select a ragdoll cat with a particular coat color? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!


Do Ragdolls get lighter or darker?

Ragdoll kittens are born white and get darker as they age. A mature ragdoll cat will change his coat colour to both light or dark depending on the season and body temperature.

What is a bicolor Ragdoll?

A bicolor ragdoll has a light colored base coat, with darker markings on specific points. They have a characteristic symmetrical inverted V-shaped marking on the face. The dark points on a bicolor ragdoll are restricted to the tail mask, ears and saddle area.

What is a blue point Ragdoll?

A blue point ragdoll cat has a base coat color that is warm grey with a hint of taupe. The ears, nose, legs and tail, are a steel grey color.

What is the most popular Ragdoll color?

When it comes to ragdoll cats, the most popular coat color is the seal point. This is a very traditional coat coloring and is characterised by the rings of dark fur around the cats eyes.

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